movie night concession tray diy

February 25, 2018

movie night snack organiser diy

So the small one just turned the big one-o and to mark the occasion he requested a movie night with a few friends and a sleepover.

While we could have kept everything really low key, I was inspired to make a little something to make it more than just a night watching movies, and this 'concession' tray idea seemed just perfect for keeping the various drinks and snacks secure in potentially wiggly laps.

To make your own 'concession tray' to hold a drink and snacks you will need:

-empty tissue box
-empty cereal box
-wrapping paper
-washi tape
-craft knife
-glue stick
-magic tape
-ruler or straight edge
-binder clips

step one of snack tray diy

To make:

:: Start by removing the contents from the tissue box but carefully unsealing one end. Remove the plastic window from around the opening before taping shut the end once more.

:: Mark diagonal lines from opposite corner to opposite corner across the top of the tissue box before cutting with scissors. Fold these flaps down into the box and secure with tape.

step two of snack tray diy

:: Measure out enough wrapping paper to cover your box. For a standard size tissue box I used a piece approximately 20 x 15.75 inches.

:: Position and spot glue the base of the box to keep it secure while you continue to cover your box. Tip on its long side and cut slits in the paper before gluing the edge and folding over into the tray interior. Repeat for other long side of tray.

step three of snack tray diy

:: Tip tray up on short end creating triangular 'wings' with the extra paper. Fold in each 'wing' and temporarily secure with binder clips.

:: Fold in the short end and secure all neatly at interior corners with tape before removing the temporary clips. Repeat for other end of tray.

step four of snack tray diy

:: To create the support that will hold a drink cup in place, cut a piece of card from the cereal box approximately 3 x 8.25 inches and cover with paper.

:: Carefully bend the wrapped card so that it fits inside the box tray at one end and secure with staples.

:: Lastly, use coordinating washi tape to create a band around the exterior of the tray, covering the exposed staples in the process.

Super simple, but rather effective I thought and definitely a big hit with the boy, which was kind of the point really.

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In the meantime, what's your favourite family night movie?

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