10 December 2017

sew it yourself :: cute wolf plush

This winter I am very excited to have the opportunity to facilitate our local school’s sewing class at as part of their textiles explorations programme.

Taught by both my mother and maternal grandmother to sew from an early age I gained a life long enjoyment of this useful and pleasurable skill and am enthusiastic to pass it on to others. In an age when it is cheap and easy to replace worn out garments and toys, but also detrimental to the environment, having the skill of sewing in one’s arsenal is truly valuable for salvaging, repairing and repurposing fabrics and materials that would otherwise go into landfill.

More than that though it is simply fun to make things for yourself.

With these thoughts in mind I have chosen to focus this year’s textiles explorations module on the creation of a stuffed toy using reclaimed materials.

Designing the class to be student led (after all we’re talking middle-schoolers here), meaning that over the course of the time we have together students will design, plan and construct a character/creature of their choice – be that animal, monster, alien, or cute everyday object – using materials that have been donated by the community. This project will involve both hand and machine sewing, the complexity of which will be gauged on individual student ability.

sketch idea

In preparation for this class, and overcoming a few unexpected hiccups along the way, I wanted to create a sample of what students might create and designed this letter-sized wolf critter to show and tell. I chose a wolf as it is the school’s mascot – the rediscovery of some amazing faux fur hidden deep in my stash rather sealed the deal!

Thinking that it would also be fun to share this ‘class’ with you I have created a complete step-by-step tutorial and ready-to-go printable pattern kit so that you can join the fun too.

You can find it here.

>> access the pattern now <<

In the meantime, tell me: what would you sew?

:: beka* ::

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