introducing the neu-renaissance soul

October 22, 2017

introducing the neu-renaissance soul

"humans are limitless in their capacity for development and should embrace all knowledge, developing their capacities as fully as possible"
– Renaissance Humanist tenet

When I first came across Margaret Lobenstine’s book, The Renaissance Soul* it was a revelation in understanding what made me tick. After years of still not ‘finding my path’, wondering what the heck was wrong with me and frustrating family and friends alike with my apparent flighty nature, I finally started to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

What followed was and has been an ongoing evolution of personal discovery, acceptance and growing clarity that I feel has become less roller-coaster learning curve and more evenly balanced plateau. There will always be flux, for that is my nature, but baring any calamitous existential crises I feel at last I stand on solid ground.

Since that time I have done lots of research and enquiry, both internally and externally. In the early days there were very little resources to easily be had on the topic but, thanks in many ways to the new millennial generation, there has been a flourishing of experience shared and knowledge imparted.

As such, one question that has often been raised is: is this a uniquely millennial phenomena, this desire for a multi-passionate lifestyle persona?

For myself I don’t think that it is, any more than it has been for previous generations. Rather it is something that naturally comes up during that third decade of human life when we are let loose on the world and have to figure out how we are going to live in it.

There have always been those who sought a broad and diverse range of interests.

Indeed, with a few exceptions, there have been long periods in history in which such a philosophy was fervently encouraged. The belief being that a well-rounded citizen was more capable in making a balanced contribution. It was this idea that early schools of learning and universities (universal learning) were founded upon, rather than the focus on specialisation that they have become.

What I do believe to be true though is that the rise and explosion of our connected, wired world, combined with the global issues that are our current inheritance, we have;

(i) once more turn our eyes to the idea that in order to not only survive but to thrive we have to be fluid rather than fixed, and

(ii) that as the world demands more of us with each rotation, we are seeking more holistic ways of making a contribution to our world

That the ones who are, let us say, ‘genetically wired’ for growth and exploration are already rather ahead of the curve, very likely will become pioneers and leaders to this new reality.

And before you ask; No. They, we, are not all geniuses and clever-clogses like Leonardo da Vinci and Benjamin Franklin, just predisposed to this multi-passionate, diverse, exploratory, big picture thinking.

For as mercurial as we can be when it comes to referring to ourselves – be that Divergent, Generalist, Hyphenate, Indep, Jack-of-All, Maven, Multipod, Polymath, Scanner, or indeed neu-Renaissance Soul – I have found there are certain recurring sentiments and frustrations that typify our life experience.

Ultimately with all this ‘crazy’ going on there are two recurring issues at the root of most frustration for the neu-Renaissance Soul which we can look at next time.

For now, if any of this seems ironically familiar, know that you are far from alone. More importantly and inspiringly, there is a way forward that pulls all the threads together and that breaks the cycle of struggle that can plague us for far too long.

| Your turn:

In the meantime, I would love to hear what your biggest challenge has been in crafting a multi-passionate lifestyle, what you have tried to help resolve it, and what you believe might be the 'solution'.

Comment below.

Thank you.

:: beka* ::

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  1. LOVE this! My biggest frustration has been in trying to figure out my messaging / my brand, without confusing the heck out of my audience! LOL

    I can so relate to what you said about changing blogs and appreciating your audience for having stuck with you -- in fact, I wrote a post that is almost identical! LOL.

    1. Hey Jenn! Thanks for stopping by. I will have to go read your post now :) I totally get the feeling of flying in multiple directions and that sense I am confusing everyone in the process - myself included!! :D

      What really helped me though in feeling less chaotic was actually learning more about how I ticked - as a multi - and understanding that there was a flow to the apparent chaos.

      You may also like the following post I wrote subsequently to this, here >>