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April 02, 2017

ginger urchin etsy shop

After a Spring Break of focused cutting, sticking, threading, photographing and writing, today I am really pleased to let you know that I officially have the first set of handmade paper alpha garlands now available to purchase in my Paperie shop on Etsy.

Some of you may have seen the sneak peeks I have shared over the last little while on Instagram, so you may know about the evolution of these: from seedling idea of wanting to create something simple to enhance the (delicious) blank white walls of my new creative space, into the idea of creating a line of motivational and pop-culture referenced quotation garlands.

ginger urchin etsy shopginger urchin etsy shop'You Are Not Alone', in support of promoting positive mental health // 'Everything is Awesome', quotational inspiration from The Lego Movie

Right now I have a handful of pre-made ‘quotationals’ suitable for a variety of living and work spaces, a couple of which you can see here, and there are options too for creating custom garlands. Intended as I have done to create a minimal brand name and tag line signage, I am open to creating other alpha garlands per individual request.

ginger urchin etsy shop

My (very loose) plan is to keep the Paperie updated with a selection of pre-made ‘quotational’ alpha garlands for a limited period only, adding and replacing things over time as necessary. The availability of custom garlands will remain constant alongside this evolving collection.

As I stretch my Etsy handmade wings once more, I would like to extend the offer of free worldwide shipping with code: FLYFREE at checkout for the entire month of April.

ginger urchin etsy shop

Thank you for sharing this next phase of my journey!

:: BEKA ::

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