30 October 2016

all hallows plant mandala + free download

halloween plant mandala

"...staring down into the hollow tunnel, let us feel the fear of what awaits. Let us lean over the edge, knowing that you hold the golden rope
and let us fall..."


halloween plant mandalahalloween plant mandala

"...fine-tune our night-vision so we can sense each possibility which comes before us, each path a milky way in our periphery...
Help us to acknowledge the pain of generations behind us,
and our power to heal it when we agree to take the journey down..."


halloween plant mandalahalloween plant mandala

"...we ask all of these things with respect and admiration for... the darkness which cannot be avoided."
-- Pixie Lighthorse, Prayers of Honoring

halloween plant mandala
all hallows plant mandala with rowan, staghorn sumac, hollyhock, beautybush + snowberry

With Gratitude

In the spirit of the season I have created a new image download from this series for personal enjoyment on your device of choice.

Jump here to download!

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23 October 2016

of moose

canadian moose
canadian moose // Shawn McCully



tread water

wade deep





out of balance


deep listening



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Symbol of Self-Esteem + Courage, by Ina Woolcott
Moose from 'Medicine Cards' by Sams + Carson, via Scott Foglesong

16 October 2016

stone folk redux

amethyst quartz labradorite fluorite

Some time ago I shared my small, but much enjoyed collection of tumbled stones.

Since that time I have slowly gathered a collection of some more substantial pieces which I thought would be rather good to share as they often make an appearance in my readings and other places.

amethyst quartz

amethyst | peacock ore | quartz | aquamarine

selenite labradorite fluorite obsidian

labradorite | obsidian | fluorite | selenite

I had never really considered it until now my attraction to stones of the blue, green and purple variety!

Do you collect stones +/ crystals? Are you intuitively drawn to stones that are particular colours? What are your favourites?

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09 October 2016

cleansing the tarot

cleansing tarot cards

Why 'clean' a tarot deck?

Every now and again I get the sense that something is off with my tarot cards + feel the need to realign my relationship with them. It’s that niggling feeling something isn’t quite right + that something needs to change.

Most cartomancers do some sort of cleansing each time they read; for me it's a simple series of shuffles + a slow, steady breath into the cards. But from time to time a more significant process feels called for to really rejuvenate them. As those of you who know, with the art of cartomancy it’s all about listening to one’s intuition + allowing that to guide you.

Other times when the sense to cleanse my cards arise include:

:: when I first acquire a new or second hand deck - I will probably do this when my handmade animal deck is complete also
:: my cards have either been laying dormant or scattered about for a while
:: others have handled or browsed through my cards*
:: I have done a lot of readings in quick succession + get the sense that the dialogue between us is becoming clogged with too much energetic information

In most all these cases, it is the underlying feeling of reconnection to the cards that is prompting the desire to perform a more ritualised cleansing.

*I actually am not too precious about allowing others to browse my cards as it makes for a stronger connection when I subsequently read for them; cleansing the cards in this instance it is more about reconnecting the channel between us than wiping any lingering energy imprint.

cleansing tarot cards

How do I clean my tarot deck?

1. Split out the cards + sort back into their families from ace to mother, right side up
2. Place quartz crystals on each mini stack + leave for 3 days
3. Smudge with local sage over the cards before gathering back into a full deck - I like to stack in the order of wands, blades, archetypes, vessels + then stones
4. Place deck into my Tibetan singing bowl + then sound the bowl 3 times, shaking my egg rattle over between the tones
5. Gather the deck + shuffle loosely in hand 3-5 times before tapping the deck on a hard surface
6. Leave cards in the stack with a quartz crystal on top until they are next needed

So tell me: do you have a process for cleaning your deck?

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02 October 2016

finding winter new in shop

ginger urchin etsy

I am excited to announce that a new season collection of digital photo prints are now available in the GINGER*URCHIN shop.

Each digital print includes an original 300 dpi jpg for printing up to 11 x 14" at your favourite local print shop along with a ready-to-print at home pdf in three sizes with guidelines.

GINGER*URCHIN photo prints are available to print as many times as you wish for personal use. Use them to enhance your home or work space. Print for yourself or a friend + make a lovely seasonal statement.

ginger urchin etsyginger urchin etsyginger urchin etsy

Jump to the GINGER*URCHIN photo print shop to see more here!

Also a heads up that I will be accepting requests for the next Balsamic New Moon, October 30th, from today also. Kindly note that space is limited each moon on a first come, first served basis. Thank you for your support!

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