a midwinter mandala + download

December 25, 2016

midwinter plant mandala

"A Fire is burning
The long night draws near
All who need comfort
Are welcome by here
We'll dance 'neath the stars
And toast the past year
For the spirit of solstice
Is still living here"


midwinter plant mandalamidwinter plant mandala

"We’ll count all our blessings
While the Mother lays down
With snow as her blanket
Covering the ground
Thanks to the Mother
For the life that she brings
She’ll waken to warm us
Again in the spring"
Solstice Carole, The Wyrd Sisters

midwinter plant mandalamidwinter plant mandala
midwinter plant mandala with rowan, hollyhock, pine + star anise

With Gratitude

In the spirit of the season and in grateful thanks for reading and supporting my blog this past seven-something months, I created a download from this series for personal enjoyment on your device of choice.

Jump here to download!

Wishing you a truly wonderful day!

:: BEKA ::

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