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November 06, 2016

the wild unknown kim krans

A little preamble...

I obtained my first tarot deck from The Wild Unknown a little over three years ago, its arrival rejuvenating my decades old love affair with cartomancy. Since that time I have worked exclusively with these cards, building an amazing rapport and powerful dialog that has resulted in many a potent reading.

Then earlier this year came the release of Kim Krans’ next deck offering: Animal Spirit – 63 beautifully hand-drawn cards full of creatures that traverse the earth, air, water and spirit realms. My favourites of which from the initial photos released were Peacock and Moth. At the time though I admired them, I was not so immediately enamoured with the idea of adding them to my collection.

Lovely as they were, did I really want another deck by the same artist? Did I not want to expand my range? And for a while I sincerely considered the addition of a different deck that would compliment The Wild Unknown Tarot. In the end though I did not feel drawn enough to them and so I put the idea to one side while I focused on other things, allowing my subconscious to process things unhindered...

the wild unknown kim kransthe wild unknown kim kransa spread of cards from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans

The elements of Animal Spirit

It wasn’t until very recently then that the urgency to add this new Wild Unknown deck to my collection suddenly came forward once more. This time I listened and I am very pleased that I did, for the Animal Spirit cards are truly wonderful - and I am not being biased here!

Presented in a sturdy, silver-scaled iridescent box with grey satin pullout ribbon, the cards of Kim Krans’ Animal Spirit deck are grouped into the five alchemical elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether. A fold-out introductory sheet with suggestions for starting spreads and notations on each card accompanies the deck and is backed by a randomly selected Animal Spirit poster, such as Zebra or Dragon. A separate guidebook is also available, but like The Wild Unknown Tarot I chose not to include it at this time preferring instead to intuit the medicine independently.

Illustrated predominantly in black and white as The Wild Unknown Tarot before it, the cards have splashes of vibrantly coloured watercolour that reflect their individual medicine rather than the element under which they are grouped. Heavy-stock with a smooth, gliding feel for easy movement in the hand, the cards are backed with the same iridescent silver pattern as the box. In addition to the featured animals, each card includes the alchemical symbol of its assigned grouping, the circle of Ether delightfully being the only one to be highlighted in reflective silver.

the wild unknown kim kransdetail of Dragon, from The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck

With a focus on the influences, feelings and emotions the creatures of this deck evoke, Kim Krans' intention is for us to reconnect with the natural world and see ourselves reflected in it. With the additional layer of awareness of the 'food web' between the creatures, one can also draw upon the interactions between predator and prey and their inter-relatedness that all is in balance and needed for survival.

As you might imagine, this is a deck with many subtle layers to explore for insight. From the elemental to the earthly and beyond to the intuitive, this menagerie of creatures of earth, sea and sky come together to offer guidance that is both inspirational and practical. I am truly excited to incorporate this fabulous deck and animal wisdom into my repertoire and extend this also to you!

:: BEKA ::

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