30 October 2016

all hallows plant mandala + free download

halloween plant mandala

"...staring down into the hollow tunnel, let us feel the fear of what awaits. Let us lean over the edge, knowing that you hold the golden rope
and let us fall..."


halloween plant mandalahalloween plant mandala

"...fine-tune our night-vision so we can sense each possibility which comes before us, each path a milky way in our periphery...
Help us to acknowledge the pain of generations behind us,
and our power to heal it when we agree to take the journey down..."


halloween plant mandalahalloween plant mandala

"...we ask all of these things with respect and admiration for... the darkness which cannot be avoided."
-- Pixie Lighthorse, Prayers of Honoring

halloween plant mandala
all hallows plant mandala with rowan, staghorn sumac, hollyhock, beautybush + snowberry

With Gratitude

In the spirit of the season I have created a new image download from this series for personal enjoyment on your device of choice.

Jump here to download!

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Kindly note that images offered are for personal, non-commercial use only. I would appreciate your including credit to me with a link back to this post when sharing. Thank you for your cooperation + good karma to all.


  1. Wow Beka! I am going to print one for our new art room - come check it out later this week (room 4).

    1. ...haha! You are very welcome! I look forward to seeing it in class soon :)


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