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July 10, 2016

shop society6 art printspeony blush iii // vector white framed art print

I am really pleased to say that this past week I have been adding even more images to my Society6 store getting everything up to date as I wanted.

Initially opening with a small handful of my garden and grounds photography, I have this past week now added some images of my messy, graffiti-inspired, intuitive paintings. Something that I have been keen to see on small tech and home accessories.

You can view the full collection here.

shop society6 home accessoriesgalaxy s7 case // travel mug // stationery card // iphone 6+ skin

In future I would love to add more small home and tech accessories such as pillows, tote bags and carry-all pouches. Plus I really fancy seeing my messy paintings on some leggings. That would be very cool! With this first wave though I am limited with the original image resolutions I have so far, so it's high on my list to look into how to change that for future.

And I am exploring a local source and the logistics of getting my photos printed onto what I consider the perfect blank books for journaling and everyday note-keeping. Something which awkwardly Society6 does not currently offer. For now it's something for the future, but it's all fun and things will happen in due time...

shop society6 techhop to it // metal art print

In the meantime, I am pleased for Society6's introduction of new metal prints to the product line. With four different size options, these high-gloss prints on aluminium sheet canvas are thin, lightweight and durable, making them a great travel-friendly option for those that do, and a statement-making alternative for those who don't as much.

So things have been busy and keeping me out of mischief. With these initial collections out of the way I am now looking ahead to what next on the horizon.

As for my shop, from time to time Society6 as a whole run special promotions that tie in with my offers. To be kept updated, please be sure to join me on Facebook - they can make all the difference, I know.

As always, thank you for your support. For you I keeping moving forward.

:: BEKA ::

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