po'em redux // dissolve

July 31, 2016

dissolve virginia woolfedouble-exposure portrait, Aleksandra // quotation composite, ginger*urchin

...as the Wheel turns
what once seemed
true and solid
now appears as illusion,
The cracks open
to make all crumble into dust.
I am full.
So full of everything.
I have gorged in blindness
to the point beyond satiation.
And so it is time to let go,
to release.
To allow all to dissolve
and fall away.
I am the quantum object.
and formation in one.
Time to rest and sink into
Pick through the bones
of what remains.
Gather power back to me.
Not the time to think
of what might come after:
to consider
what may come back
into the light.
No more pushing.
Only surrender...

:: BEKA ::

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