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June 29, 2016

social media strategy

I have a confession: I have been experiencing a slight Instagram obsession of late.

This month I have been challenging myself unofficially to post to the platform each day using Chantelle Ellem's intensely popular Photo-a-Day challenge prompts between my own posts. The intention being to share a more behind-the-screen peek into my personal daily as a contrast to all the other output I create online, and to share my enjoyment of photography and visuals via a fun, casual platform that focuses on that.

It was an active decision to branch out onto the platform with more intention and purpose this year, and this past month I have been slowly building up my account and experimenting with my content. It has been an interesting learning curve getting into the habit of taking a photo a day - something that I don't generally do - but it has been fun to brainstorm each day how to interpret the prompts without straying too far from the authentic path.

My enthusiasm for getting to grips with the platform and see the eventual kind of interactivity that I am seeking has led me to investigate a number of classes and workshops on the topic and I have rather gone gung-ho and signed up to all of the learning resources I found! This is typical of me when diving into a new topic: research all the options and gather an umbrella of experts on the topic to get the fullest picture, before breaking out on my own.

getting my instagram game onphoto a day challenge

Before getting engrossed in these offerings and working through their more detailed content, I also gathered up a whole list of tips and advice from around the web on Instagram best practices for building a cohesive brand and compiled them into categorised lists for specific focal point actionables.

While there was lots of duplication across the board which reinforced and highlighted the key 'fundamentals' to any purposeful Instagram account, there were also some unique points that folks brought up to think about too that would be interesting to experiment with. I am very much a believer that any strategy and formula is good to a point, but once the majority are doing the same thing it is very hard (or very easy, depending how you swing it) to stand out. What happens is that lots of folks end up looking the same and what once was a successful formula is no longer. Your milage may vary, I think is the phrase...

Anyways that being said, I did think that my list would be a handy-dandy hotlist from which to get started. Over the coming month I am going to be playing with these ideas and those gathered through the various resources above to really see what works for me - both in the return and in the doing. If you would like a copy of my Instagram hotlist, you are very welcome to grab one here >>

instagram hitlist

In the meantime, come find me on Instagram.

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