diy month-to-view wall calendar

June 09, 2016

diy blogger wall planner

Since moving back into the rhythm of blogging again and all the planning that goes with it I have quickly found that my old system was no longer cutting it. Or it did, but rather it was not the best. So I went looking for a solution that would do better.

Basically I needed something that was simple, preferably inexpensive and easy to make and maintain, that would be flexible and not date restricted, and that would not put too much wear and tear on my walls. Some of the ideas I found can be seen here.

After lots of consideration of all the options, in the end I came up with a solution that answered all these parameters. Other than treating myself to some new, special sized and coloured post-it's, everything else came from my stash so the thriftiness of the finished project makes me happy.

diy blogger wall planner

Supplies + materials

:: Blank index cards, 12.5 x 7.5 cm
:: Numerical rubber stamps
:: Ink pad
:: Washi tape
:: Post-it notes, 5 x 5 cm
:: Pen
:: Scissors (not shown)

Putting it together

1. Print a series of numbers onto the lower half of 31 blank index cards using numerical rubber stamps.
2. Cut/tear short strips of washi tape, approximately 3.5cm for each index card, plus a few extra.
3. Make a note of your prefered calendar layout: I chose to run each week left-to-right, Monday-to-Sunday.
4. Begin sticking cards to chosen wall starting with what will be the bottom row.
5. Build up four further rows until all numbered cards are used. Adjust grid into alignment as necessary.
6. Fill in remaining gaps with spare blank cards +/ reverse extra dates not required for current month.
7. Use post-its to note blog post schedule + content plan along with key deadlines, appointments and events that need special mention to dated cards.

When each month ends cards can be easily removed from the wall and shuffled as needed. Over time as cards get tatty they can easily be replaced with supplies on hand.

diy blogger wall plannerdiy blogger wall planner

I generally don't like having too many calendars and datebooks preferring a one-for-all system, but for the purposes of organising my blog schedule this was a great solution, helping me plan my todo list and keep my hyper-brain from over-thinking. Which is always nice...

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