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June 21, 2016

Happy Solstice Full Moon! Exciting times are afoot. Today I am pleased to announce that intuitive Wild Readings are available and in particular am open to requests for the upcoming New Moon, July 4th.

As I have been doing for the past 3 years, Wild Readings are currently drawn solely with Kim Krans' Wild Unknown first edition tarot deck. Together I have found we work incredibly well; their minimalist imagery of the animal world and familiar symbolism facilitating an honest and objective perspective on the current energy easing the way to resolution and breakthrough.

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However, an itch has been growing slowly of late. An itch to expand my horizons once more and to consider the possibility of incorporating something new and something of a different energy. It's been a while since I even looked at another deck so it was fun to window shop and see the possibilities of what is now out there. My favourites (and strong temptations) among what I found follow below...

hidden waters tarot
Three of Swords // The Hidden Waters Tarot, by Ana Tourian

The Hidden Waters Tarot

As soon as I saw these gorgeous cards I swooned. And then I got very excited! I absolutely adore that these cards are based on the Rorschach inkblot tests as the idea behind them has long intrigued me and been on my wish list of ‘strange and peculiar things to explore’. As you do...

Created with ink and paint by artist-illustrator, Ana Tourian, gestures and lines were incorporated into the then mirrored images to achieve the distinctive non-repetitive images, of which there are a full 78 plus reverse side.

With their vibrant use of colour and abstract mirrored shapes there is no fixed reference point to default to, save the annotation of classic naming conventions. It is a minor point and one I can live with, but I would love to have seen these as a set of pure image-only cards for an even more intuitive interpretation.

Overall though I really love the crossover of these cards from cartomancy into the realms of psychology and their potential for working with folks who maybe have difficulty with the common perceptions of the former.

The Devas of Creation

Likewise, this second of the two distinctly abstract decks I am looking at also has application in the mental health sphere for its use in art therapy.

One of two oracle decks I currently have my eye on, The Devas of Creation stretches across time, space and the invisible energy patterns of the universe. As a whole the series of ethereal images travel a journey from the nothingness of the Void, through creation in all its elements and incarnations, to the quantum realm before returning to the Void once more.

Though referenced for initial identification, Cilla Conway's intuitive paintings are a unique concept that is wholly subjective to personal and subconscious interpretation. What might be referenced as being ‘Spacetime’ (below right), for example, the viewer may see as the vortex, the spiral, or the whirlwind.

It is this subjectivity that really appeals to me as a compliment to the more formal structure of The Wild Unknown and other, 'traditional' decks.

devas of creation
Rebirth + Spacetime // Devas of Creation, by Cilla Conway

The Fountain Tarot

First of two collaborative decks for contemplation, The Fountain Tarot combines the work of an artist (Gruhl), a writer (Saiz) and a graphic designer (Todaro) to provide a very contemporary Tarot experience full of sacred geometry and delicate modern art.

With an additional card among the major arcana, the deck’s namesake ‘The Fountain’ is said to represent the unnameable force of which all and none are a part. A Source energetic.

Intended for use as an intuitive tool for self-discovery this is as much a collector's deck as it is a functional reading deck with its silver gilt-edge cards, comprehensive booklet and deluxe packaging.

jason gruhl jonathan saiz andi todaro
The Fountain Tarot // Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz + Andi Todaro

The Starchild Tarot, Akashic Edition

Another more traditional tarology deck I am pondering over, this deck holds a certain local affinity for me being the creation of a visual artist from Vancouver Island.

Created over a span of two years, Danielle Noel designed The Starchild Tarot and this Akashic second edition with layers of mystical symbolism, personal photographs and hand illustrations to create a deck that feels otherworldly in the same way that the fantastical works of Roger Dean demonstrate.

With beautiful card backs depicting a lace-like pattern of esoteric mandalas and sacred geometry The Starchild Akashic Tarot is presented in a beautiful two-piece box. The cards themselves feature ‘spiritual keys’ to aid and supplement interpretation and exploration of the messages they have to share.

starchild tarot
The Starchild Tarot // Danielle Noel

The Wisdom of the Oracle

Lastly, there is Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck with its whimsical and surrealist digital illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia among the possible options for addition to my practice.

Blending elements of the I-Ching, Norse runes and Tarot’s major arcana this is the smallest deck I am exploring with just 52 cards in the set. However, this lack of cards does not make it any the lesser deck as each carries multiple interpretations through its dream-like depiction of mythical beings, animal guides, archetypes and symbols.

Browsing the cards feels rather like a journey with Alice in Wonderland with its soft colour palette, fine details and fantasy dream world imagery juxtaposing the natural and the bizarre with photographic and original artwork.

wisdom of the oracle
Wisdom of the Oracle, by Colette Baron-Reid // image c/o Being Erin

Far from seeking to usurp the strong bond I have with The Wild, all in all I guess what I am 'looking for' maybe is something to now contrast and complement The Wild Unknown. Something that has colour and is not predominantly nature-based. A man-made construct possibly, and more likely something more oracular and subjective in its interpretation.

Decisions, decisions...

In the meantime as I ponder, I would absolutely love to help you with an intuitive Wild Reading. A way for you to see the path forward with grace at a time of transition or stuckness. It is always an honour to do this and one I look forward to sharing with you soon. My door is open...

:: BEKA ::

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The Devas of Creation, by Cilla Conway
The Fountain Tarot, by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz + Andi Todaro
The Hidden Waters Tarot, by Ana Tourian
The Starchild Tarot, Akashic Edition, by Danielle Noel
Colette Baron-Reid's Wisdom of the Oracle, by Jena DellaGrottaglia

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  1. These are all stunning decks, and I particularly liked the Hidden Waters one. Have you plumped for one yet? or still feeling out the possibilites?

    1., I have not settled yet. It could take a while... ;)

      I am in agreement though that the Hidden Waters one is a big contender. I am definitely leaning towards something less 'tarot' and more 'oracular' though, be that in abstract image or methodology...