why start a blog in 2016?

May 21, 2016

why start a blog

you can listen to me narrate this here:

Simply put: because I must.

I could wax lyrical about how blogging is good for your online presence, how it can help grow your business, how it can help other people, or even how blogging is good for your own personal growth and evolution.

Blogging can be and is all these things and more to many folks. There are plenty of articles already written about these perfectly good and valid motivations. But for me they are all potential fringe benefits that are, for the most part, beyond my control to manifest. Sure I can influence things in the direction of these, but there are no guarantees. No absolutes.

These then are not why I choose to blog.

I choose to blog because I must. I choose to blog because I am a creator. My platform of 'choice' is a digital one: be that through word, image or aesthetic. I am smitten with this digital global playground.

"Images or words that appear on the internet can have a magical potency.
It is our collective inner world..."

-- Rae Beth, HedgeWitch


I choose to blog because my spirit tells me I must. Is it then my ‘purpose’? Possibly, if by purpose you mean some esoteric calling that says: this is how you need to be in the world if you are to be whole and true to yourself. Divine madness, maybe...

For a long time I listened to the other voices, the ones of doubt and fear that questioned who was I to chime in. It must be worthy. They said. It must be valuable. It must have meaning. To whom? I now come back, the irony not lost on me. In the end, if I am to live authentically, the only one that truly matters is me.

The art of blogging then holds meaning and value to me. It is therefore by definition, a worthy endeavour. Who says that I can only do what others approve and give sanction to? That is playing into the idea that their fears should be mine also. This is false. It really is.

So why start a blog, of all things, in 2016? When the internet is already 'flooded' with ideas and ‘enough’ voices? Because I can. And because it is human to create. By whatever means I am driven to do so. Because my voice matters and because the art calls to be created through me.

Does the universe stop expanding because it is already big enough, because it already has explored that idea a thousand times already? I think not. It carries on reiterating because the ideas carry truth.

Divine madness? Quite likely. But one I am absolutely committed to upholding.

Why start a blog? Because it is a grand adventure into creative living.

"I choose to blog because my spirit tells me I must.
I choose to blog because I am a creator."


And on that note: tell me, do you blog? What are your reasons? If you do not and are curious, what are your hesitations to begin? Though I may very likely encourage you, I am not here to convince you otherwise just simply curious.

Thank you: may the wild rumpus begin!

:: BEKA ::

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