09 April 2014

scrappy zipped artist's pouch

handmade artist pencil pouchhandmade artist pencil pouch
Zippered pencil and art supply pouch made from nubby rustic linen, hand-dyed and impressionist-style print fabric gifted to me by my mom, and selection of monochromatic snippets from my stash. Embellished for a touch of playful nonsense with hot pink trims to match and metal charms.

Just the job for carrying a supply of sketching and doodling kit about the house as my creativity-making places and spaces move with the rhythms of the day.

handmade artist pencil pouchhandmade artist pencil pouch
Working with a very basic shape I kind of knew what I was doing, though I found Helen's tutorial very useful reference when it came to putting the zip in and dealing with the lining. Also this tutorial from Lindsay at Craftbuds was useful for figuring the nice little detail of the zipper tabs, though mine are no where as neat and perfect for a first effort. Better luck next time!

handmade artist pencil pouch
Have you stitched anything lately?

06 April 2014

of ram

bighorn sheep ram animal spirit guide
bighorn sheep // Tom Kelly



put into action



seek new pathways

mental ability






no buts

// further reading
Animal Spirit Guides, by Stephen D Farmer

03 April 2014

colour therapy // violet

inspiration tray in violet pixelatedinspiration tray in violet pixelated
The past couple of days I have been having fun gathering an assortment of purple goodness to create a tray of colour inspiration as I travel into the energies of the crown chakra this week in the final part of Louise Gale's Creative Colour Energy class.

I have enjoyed putting this tray of goodies together, playing with composition and then photography, finishing it all off with some creative digital editing. There is something quite magical that happens when, with the click of a button, your photo is transformed into a jumbled patchwork of pixelated colour. I love those. I do them every now and again but rarely save them, let alone share them. I always feel they're a bit of silly nonsense. But they are so pretty too. I'd like to do more of that.

inspiration tray in violet pixelated
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