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February 15, 2014

young adult fantasy fiction
From childhood I used to be a great devourer of books, romping through them to journey side by side on their wild adventures across far away, imagined places. Books and the writing of books was definitely a huge passion and dream for a long, long while with hours upon hours lost in plotting story lines, visualising characters in fine detail and drawing vast maps of my own imagined landscapes. Like Slartibartfast* before me, my favourite part was drawing all those wiggly bits of coastline...

But I digress...

Though the idea of ever getting one of my curious tales finished enough to submit to a publisher waned, my passion for reading continued strong all the way up to and for some time into that phase which is mamahood. Though I have continued to read more practical books at a steady pace, the habit of reading the 'just for fun' written word has not stuck back the way it once was, though I have tried many times a book has caught my eye and I would very much like it to do so again.

And so when I happened upon another new-to-me book that captured my attention at our little local library earlier this week, the seed of an idea took hold and began to grow: why not start my very own, just for fun, book club? For grown-ups like me who still love reading young adult fantasy!

So here I am, feeling rather awkward, asking if you might be interested in reading alongside me to talk about books that fire up our imaginations with the possibilities they play with? Just for fun? Sound good?

As I'd like to keep this super-simple for everyone, here's how this little club will work: Each month we'll read one book together. Just one. Nothing too scary. I'll announce which book it will be right here on the blog with enough time for you to seek out a copy via your local library, indie book store or Kindle (where available). Then toward the end of each month I'll open up a discussion on it so you can add in your thoughts and suggest other books we might like to read next. Whether or not you chose to read alongside me at the time, if it is something you have already read you are absolutely very welcome to join in discussions at the end of each month. I'd love to connect with you!

So, what do you think? Are you in? I do hope so, very, very much. To begin with I shall be starting in March with Erin Morgenstern's debut novel, The Night Circus, which I have heard mixed reviews about but whose concept intruiges me all the same. I hope it does you too. Care to join me?

*designer of planets from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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