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January 28, 2014

wreck this journal keri smithwreck this journal keri smith

Stirring up quite the following on the ether'verse since it's debut in 2007, Wreck this Journal has taken on a life of its own, much to the surprise of Canadian author and illustrator, Keri Smith. Now so too this writer has succumbed at last to its allure and promises of experimental adventures into pushing the boundaries of what is comfortable and expected.

Featuring a subversive collection of prompts that aim to challenge the user to question preconceived thoughts of what is 'acceptable' creative outcome, Wreck this Journal, facilitates an alternative approach to journal-making and in so doing an escape from the fear of the blank page, encouraging mistake and mess-making as the creative process itself. A journey in letting go and overcoming our fears of what is 'right', it is dedicated to perfectionists everywhere.

// further resources & sources
Penguin Books' Wreck this Journal Teacher's Pack
Wreck this App, for Android or iPhone
Interview with Natalie Drieu for MAKEzine, 2007
Interview with Elia Maqueda for Visual Maniac, 2012

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