14 December 2013

time to reboot

This month marks my seventh consecutive of writing here since returning to the ether'verse following a self-imposed hiatus from previous ventures. I have also decided that today will be my last post here for the remainder of twenty-thirteen.

I have guests coming next week and for some weeks now a growing call to take my annual mid-winter retreat to unplug and dream about what comes next sooner rather than later. So I'm going with that.

Though I have a few ideas of what I'd like to do, I am really most of all excited to see what time away from this space will bring to me when my mind is allowed to float, and the direction this ship will sail in twenty-fourteen. I would very much like you to join me for that. I have a feeling it is going to be quite the adventure...

A little gift in thanks

Until then and by way of a little thank you for following along and humouring me these past months, dancer of the silver ether, I would like to offer you the set of playsheets I drafted for use when planning what I share here. I find that they are especially useful for staying on track and keeping track when life gets a little crazy and I have more ideas than I have ability to manifest. I hope you also find them a helpful little tool when planning future blog posts and would love to hear how they work for you!

get your free pdf here

// edit // These playsheets have now been updated and integrated into a digital Blog + Media Planning Kit set that helps organise not only your blog content plan, but your whole online digital presence and strategy.

link to selz shop

11 December 2013

waffle cone bird seed treats

waffle cone bird seed feeder craftwaffle cone bird seed feeder craft
Jolly little pine tree shaped bird seed feeders adapted from Betty Crocker's idea. Using up some waffle cones in the cupboard, hung on twine held by a button, spread with peanut butter* and decorated with Cheerio's and bird seed.

A great amusement for the younglings on a sub-zero winter's afternoon and a fun way to help the little garden birds that over-winter.

*alternatively one could experiment with suet or shortening, though these may need a little heat-treating to use...

08 December 2013

of deer

mule deer buck
mule deer // Mark Summers

Swift of hoof








Protector of wild spaces





// further reading
Shamanic Drum, by Mi-Shell
Singing Deer Healing, by Jane
Shamanic Journey, by Ina Woolcott
Spirit Animals & Animal Totems, by Elena Harris

02 December 2013

grandmother moon medicine wheel

new moon mandala
new moon mandala
new moon mandala
Today the balsamic moon is at it's least visible, marking the turning point into another loop round it's lunar cycle. This moon will see the longest night and midwinter point. To honour this I create a monthly medicine wheel, or mandala, with found objects from my garden.

With a deep blanket of snow there is little out there save the pine and last few rowan berries that cling to the skeletal fingers of the trees. The hazels reveal a few catkins now their heavy leaf is fallen, so too the tiny buds containing next spring's foliage. A sign that winter does not last forever, even here.

The light here today is gloomy as we watch a snowstorm blow through the valley, swathing the mountains in cloud to swallow them whole it seems. As if on cue, winter is here with the arrival of the grandmother moon...
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