24 November 2013

highlights from the okanagan artisans guild show

soul fibre studiomorgen bardatistudio 410

A few of my personal favourite finds at this year's Okanagan Artisans Guild Show...

Holding the longest running fine arts and crafts show of its kind in the Okanagan and the show of choice for many of the region's professional artisans, the Okanagan Artisans Guild is dedicated to continuing its founding tradition, showcasing artisans and locally handcrafted, quality arts and crafts.

First established in 1979 by several artisans from the central Okanagan area, the purpose of the guild was to provide support to artists and artisans who were trying to make a living from their craft. It was decided that there needed to be a high quality show at which they could display and sell their work and through it give the public a chance to appreciate the talent and high quality craftsmanship available in the area.

It is rapidly becoming an annual tradition of my mom and I's to do the local art and craft show circuit, browsing the merchants for the more unusual offerings. I am always drawn to the pottery and fibre arts in particular and this year's show did not disappoint, with a couple of really amazing arts appearing that I have not seen before. What I am finding though is that so few artisans have a digital presence that showcases their portfolio of work in the best light, which is a real shame for I feel I would love to share it but am unable to more often than not. For a full listing and links to this year's artisans at the show, check out the Guild's official show site, here.

// you can also see some of my other personal favourite artisans from across BC at this year's Creative Chaos Market ...

17 November 2013

of owl

Nathan Beaulne photography
barred owl // Nathan Beaulne



Holding one's own council



Seeing the whole picture

Taking one's time





Spirit realms

The layers beneath

14 November 2013

laying down the paint

visual quest bloom true

“Every now and then one paints a picture that seems to have opened a door and serves as a stepping stone to other things.”
Pablo Picasso

I am returning to the paint seeking answers. Hoping that the doorway it opens gets a handle on that thing that I am struggling to find the words for. Words are just confounding me. They are tying me in knots rather than laying everything out straight and clear. So it is in the symbols that I seek clarity.

Looking at this first layer of messy, crazy, tranced out paint vomit, I question whether the illumination I seek will even appear here, but even as I do this I see the flickerings of characters peeking out between the chaos. So there is hope.

Maybe tonight or tomorrow I will return to this and add more 'options', more opportunities and pathways to follow. This is only the beginning...

visual quest bloom true

11 November 2013

repurposed sweater leg warmers

handmade repurposed sweater legwarmers
Clearly I am a terrible wife. In an oversight I shrank one of the Mister's favourite pure wool sweaters when it got caught up into the laundry over a year ago. Initially I thought I could use it myself, once the guilt wore off, but alas it had gone too far even for that to pull off successfully (pardon the pun!). So here is has hung, with me pondering what to do and building up the courage to repurpose it.

And then it hit me: legwarmers. Or gaiters. Or gaiter-warmers*.

Perfect for tucking the lower half of my trouser-pants into my winter boots, with the added bonus of warmth and winter weather protection! Plus on those many cold days and evenings at home, they will be the perfect additional layer to my usual loungewear ensemble.

The transformation process is incredibly quick and simple, and a brilliant way to rescue an otherwise disaster: just chop off the arms of said orphaned sweater, and either turn over and stitch the raw edge like Rebekah of A Bit of Sunshine or, like I and Victoria of VixenMade did, use the hem of the sweater bodice to finish the top, and you're done!

Now I feel all retro and nineteen-eighties with recollections of dance and gym classes *grin!*

handmade repurposed sweater legwarmers
*Although that last makes me think of a sweater-wearing alligator... But I digress. Happy Monday folks!

02 November 2013

new moon medicine wheel

plant mandalaplant mandalaplant mandala
Answering a growing call and inspired by the lovely ladies, Hanna, Louise, Dana and Kathy, I have decided to start a new monthly project to create simple medicine wheels, or mandala, from found natural objects each new moon. I realise as we move into the snow-laden and lean months of winter that this is going to be potentially somewhat challenging, but we will see what I find along the way...

So to begin, I took a quick wander round my garden yesterday morning gathering a few objects that spoke to me particularly: rowan berries (naturally), pine cones (lots of them), and the last few remaining snowberries. Finally I added to these found things a few seeds from the pumpkins the boys gathered last week to create my first herbal medicine wheel.

I rather like its simple, minimal design and Yule-ish feel about it with its Nordic colours. And yet with the pumpkin seeds, it is pulled very much back to this point on the calendar. Pleasing!

I am looking forward to seeing what December's new moon will unveil... Now to go give this all back to the birds and critters *sigh!*
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