the wild unknown

September 21, 2013

the wild unknown tarot

"welcome to the wild unknown. you'll find no wrongs or rights inside,
only mirrors for reflection..."

Illustrated in predominantly pen and ink with splashes of bright rainbow watercolour by artist and musician Kim Krans, this ethereal deck of cards, where only creatures of the wild roam, has drawn me back once more to the art of cartomancy. At least with this deck...

The tarot of The Wild Unknown has been creeping into my consciousness slowly for the past several months. Each time I caught a glimpse of it I would catch my breath, it's distinctive imagery tugging at my curiosity. I needed to know more...

the wild unknown tarot
For herself, the now Topanga Canyon-based artist has been drawing since a young age. From her guidebook of The Wild Unknown Tarot, she says:

"'s the single thing that brings me absolute focus and clarity of mind... when I draw, my mind and hand are steady. In most others areas of my life my mind is scattered, frantic, worried and busy...

"In questioning why this was, I was led down a long path of inquisition... It brought me directly to meditation, visualisation, and many other forms of self-healing and self-awareness. And somewhere along this far-out lineage I was introduced to the tarot. Though completely intrigued by the concepts of the cards, I had trouble finding a deck I could relate to. I wanted imagery that spoke of a world of wild nature and mystery... a place where the darks were truly dark and the lights are bright and expansive... a Tarot deck to call my own."

Kim's determination to realise her need began with many months of focused work, hand-drawing each of the 78 cards that would make up the deck. Then, in order to raise money so as to get the decks printed, she sold a print of each via her site. These sold out overnight, creating a serious anticipation for the arrival of the decks.

It is one of those fabulous indiepreneur stories that I love and can't help but support.

the wild unknown tarot
Though it is labelled as 'tarot', I feel with its menagerie of animal-only characters and symbols that it has a more elemental and oracular nature in the working. It is one of the reasons why I was drawn to it as I delve more closely into working with these guides.

Presented in a sturdy box with a black satin ribbon to facilitate easy pullout of the cards, The Wild Unknown Tarot is accompanied by a simple, double-sided news-sheet of hand-illustrated notes that introduce the basics of the card’s meanings. Although, as mentioned, there is indeed a separate guidebook, for me this quick overview is enough pre-determined information to go on as I am actually looking forward to having the opportunity to allow intuition to guide my journey. Which is where the juice of working with these cards truly lies in the end.

With their truly striking imagery that does not shy away from the dark, I already feel like I am awakening to a song in a language I only half remember...

the wild unknown tarot
UPDATE // It is with delight that I let you in on a little something-something I have been up to over here: a little booth from which to offer my cartomancy services to you. Thank you so much for your support - I can't wait to throw a little alchemy for you! *be well*

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