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July 24, 2013

essential travel art supplies

In the next few days I shall be travelling westwards for a little vacation by the ocean, and as is my usual habit, I am packing a small supply of art goodies to come with me. I have no grand plans of keeping an extensive travel journal or such, but I do like to have a few tools with me should the muse strike - and she invariably does when I am unprepared *grin* ...And so after much consideration, here is what I am taking along this trip; the small stuff all neatly packed away in a 3x5" index card box file!

essential travel art supplies

digital camera | glue stick | mini spray bottle | eraser | blank index cards
pencil sharpener | micron pen | white pen | paper towel | soft graphite pencils
watercolour pencils | mini sponge | travel watercolour brush and paints kit
white gouache | low-tack tape | ring-bound, 6x9" sketchbook

It's not much compared to some, but for me it's enough to capture the essence of things, the colours, patterns, shapes and textures that will spark ideas for when I get back, or play with ideas that come to me en route. Fun!

Are you taking your art on the road this summer? I'd love to hear what essentials are in your travel bag...

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