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July 24, 2013

a road leads to a mountain with text overly

In the next few days I shall be travelling westwards for a little vacation by the ocean, and as is my usual habit, I am packing a small supply of art goodies to come with me.

While I have no grand plans of keeping an extensive travel journal or such, I do like to have a few tools with me should the muse strike - and she invariably does when I am unprepared *grin*

So after going through my art stash, here is what I am taking along this trip:

flatlay of art supplies

from the top left:
digital camera | glue stick | mini spray bottle | eraser | blank index cards
pencil sharpener | micron pen | white pen | paper towel | soft graphite pencils
watercolour pencils | mini sponge | travel watercolour brush and paints kit
white gouache | low-tack tape | ring-bound, 6x9" sketchbook

It's not much compared to some, but for me it's enough to capture the essence of things, the colours, patterns, shapes and textures that will spark ideas for when I get back, or play with ideas that come to me en route.

Plus, all the small stuff neatly packs into a mini index card file!

art supplies stacked on a table

Are you taking your art on the road this summer?

I'd love to hear what favourites are in your travel bag. Do share below...

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