visual quest: a shamanic painting adventure

June 25, 2013

visual quest // a shamanic painting adventure with Pixie Campbell

I'm so excited! This was an instant *yes!* moment, the minute I found out. I have been a follower of Pixie's for a couple of years now I guess, and have long wanted to join one of her live painting workshops, but time and circumstance have not allowed me to. So the moment I heard her announcement of offering this class for the first time, I was truly bursting with excitement.

Visual Quest is a five-week online painting course that combines creative process with the insightful, ancient tools of shamanism. It is a class for spiritual people, creative people, artists, deep-thinkers and deep-feelers alike that want to explore connecting with the deepest parts of their soul through an interpretive, integrative, creative process. And from my experiences with Pixie to date, I can totally vouch for her natural and simple, yet deep and holistic approach to this subject.

"...This class is a convergence of everything I know about spirit and art all rolled into one. Creative living and spiritual practice represents all that’s mysterious, alive and juicy in every one of us. I’ve been painting for twenty-three years, and I’ve watched my practice become more reflective of my deep Self, and less of my ‘ideas’ about what would make a good painting. This freeing process is release, it’s color and spirit in motion, it’s a deep embrace of What Is, and an intentional honoring of life itself..."

If you would like to join me this summer for a Visual Quest, you can read more about this online class here. I sincerely hope it is a *yes!* moment for you too!

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