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June 29, 2013

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At the beginning of June I quietly set myself a little experiment: that I would kick-start my new blogging habit with a 30-day immersion. Full on. Every day for a month. The hope being that by doing so, it would put me back into the rhythm of posting on a consistent basis and allow me time to see the direction I really wanted to take this new path. Other than a few ideas for the month ahead, I did not pre-plan or pre-write any content, writing each day as I went. Today is my penultimate day. So how'd it go?

What worked?

As I had hoped, the commitment of blogging every day has indeed put me back into the rhythm of posting on a consistent basis, and reminded me just how much fun it is to ‘blog’. The rhythm of writing and creating in this way has also brought a welcome routine into my days once more.

Something that was not at all on my list of objectives has been the added bonus of gathering a library of (albeit, short) posts in a very swift amount of time when compared to my ‘usual’ posting pattern.

This initial burst of activity has allowed me to gain a far better sense of the direction this blog will take as I go forward than all the months of planning and procrastination had leading up to my taking the plunge. Once again the lesson of jumping in first and figuring things out as I go has repeated itself. When seeking and receiving ideas now I know what I want to blog about and what I can let go. This has allowed for more of the ‘right’ ideas to flow.

What did not?

While it was a great experiment (and one I would highly recommend to others seeking a similar outcome) to kick-start my new blog, realistically blogging every day is not sustainable for me at this time. Especially if I want those posts to be relevant, genuine and of substance each and every time.

Although I had a number of post ideas for the month at the start, there were many days when I did not and was seeking topic ideas on the go. The one saving grace is that June turned out to be a rather busy month for me with many projects and events appearing suddenly that I could call on for suitable inspiration. I can’t help but think of how synchronicitous their timing was!

Also, in order to meet the demand (self-imposed, I know) of a fresh, relevant post each day, things had to be quick and easy and usually the first idea I had. Posts that I would have liked to have been more in-depth, became short and sweet introductions with little time or energy remaining to fuss over their being ‘perfect’. This said, I am very pleased with what I have created so far and feel I am off to a great start.

What's next?

Overall I would definitely say that the past ‘30’ days blogging experiment has been a great success in figuring out what I want from this new blogging space, what works for me as a content creator and starting my new blogging adventure. I am also really delighted to have stuck with my commitment to this 30-day experiment despite its' difficulties and am willing to try this process again with something a little more challenging to me.

Much as the thrill of blogging daily has been, I am looking forward to being able to ease off on the high frequency of posts and to making those that I do share more in-depth than what has gone before. That we are about to head into summer when blog reading takes a back seat is no bad thing and I can have the time to mull over ideas for going into next season.

What about you? Have you tried a 30-day experiment? I'd love to hear about your experience.

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