June 01, 2013

Hello. Again.

I have been away from this circle for nine months. It was an unexpected detour to be away for this long, but it seems much needed to be processed and many layers shed so as to find my way out of the labyrinth and return anew.

In that time you have been sorely missed, my dearest silver-tongued, mercurial ether. You who know the depth of me and I the glamour of you. Let us dance and spar together once more along these voltaic arteries.

I shall not make any promises or guarantees of what you will find here, but what I can say is that I am content in the knowing that I am a creative being who allows herself the freedom to fluidly change and express herself as the muse speaks. Come and go as you please; for I leave the door open for you to tag along on my journey any time you like.

For now, welcome to my space on the ether'verse...

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