19 June 2013

herbal eyewash infusion

From tired, sore eyes from too much computer use or sewing tiny details on craft projects, to mild feline and environmental allergies and a susceptibility to dry, gritty eyes due to the natural atmosphere, this herbal infusion is my go-to, all-purpose solution for all manner of eye related issues. I have even used it to bathe the boys eyes when they have suffered from conjunctivitis (pink eye) and over-the-counter solutions have proved difficult to administer.

Soothing Herbal Eyewash Infusion
Makes 1 infusion

1/2 tsp dried fennel seeds
1/2 tsp dried eyebright
1/2 tsp dried comfrey
1.5 tsp dried chamomile flowers
1.5 tsp dried calendula flowers

1. Combine all dry herbs in a small pudding/mixing bowl.
2. Boil fresh water and pour over loose herbs to cover. Stir, then allow to cool.
3. Strain herbal liquid through a coffee filter paper into a clean, sterile glass jar.
4. Cover filtered liquid with screw-top lid and store in the fridge for 24-36hrs.
5. Bathe affected eye/s with the infusion using either a sterile eye-bath or clean cotton wool pads.

** Please remember to use a fresh portion of the infusion for each affected eye so as to not cross-contaminate.

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