16 July 2012

catching butterflies

jerryberry butterfly net
I've always loved making little miniature props. From shoebox dolls houses as a child, to model beach huts at university and upholstered wingback armchairs for a dolls house that in the end never was. With Blythe I made a few props also, though their focus was mostly in costume. The arrival of my JerryBerry has renewed my enthusiasm for creating miniature things, beginning with this butterfly net and collector's jar twosome this weekend.

jerryberry butterfly net
The net is version two - the first being wrong in all ways. Mostly because I was rushing in my enthusiasm, and probably because I was making it up as I went. That being said, with it I discovered how not to do it, and so this second version came out a whole lot better. Certainly Berry* totally loved trying it out in the garden this morning *grin*

jerryberry butterfly net
The little collectors' jar was an extra I made when seeing this 'cage' by Kimmi Lou and then this wonderful butterfly terranium by Suskita on Etsy. Both of there's were made for dolls' houses, so 1/12th or 1/16th scale and way too small for Berry or Blythe. Although I meant to I never did look into my books on dollshouse miniatures for diy how-to, as I kind of had my answer already... My little mini paper butterflies were miniturised reductions of some free downloads I found by Donna Downey. I only picked two varieties for this project, but would like to do something that used a few more of them another time as they were all so pretty...

jerryberry butterfly net
I also made the little hairclip. Just because.

Next up is a Tom Sawyer style fishing rod which I have the perfect stick sitting on my desk for. Though that will have to wait until at least next weekend as I have some speed to be made on a sewing project this week, so such fun things will be my reward for getting a wiggle on the 'must do' project *sigh!*

Have a lovely week, my friend. XO Bex

*Berry is still without a name. She is too busy chasing butterflies to be bothered in sitting down and talking about that question. Such things are boring when there's so much adventure to be had outside, don't you know?!

08 July 2012

things to do when creatively stuck

ginger urchin blog
Quite on the spur of the moment a little while ago I jotted down a list of things that have worked to help me move out from a period of creative stuckedness. I am listing them here again for safe keeping and in preparation for the next time...

Things to do:

▲ ...clean - all those unpleasant jobs you normally avoid and have been put off during your previous wild rumpuss of creativity - your home, family and psychie will be so grateful for this

▲ ...shower - it's amazing the number of ideas/answers that just flow to mind when my brain and back is being pummled by hundreds of tiny, racing drops of water

▲ ...weed, dig, clear snow - something physical, not cutting grass though unless you are using a scythe

▲ ...unplug from technology - especially the internet - your brain needs to unplug from all background chatter and clouding fog - yes even that 'great sage' of a writer who 'always' has the answers

▲ ...have a good belly-aching, tear-enducing laugh with a close friend

▲ ...take a walk/hike. breathe

▲ ...just sit and think, ponder and consider, ask yourself some check in questions - what makes me truly happy? what do I love? consider if you need to adjust your course - things change. our priorities, our values, what brings us passion. as creatives we steer our own ship and have the freedom to move with the tide. know this is okay and normal. who wants to do the same thing forever anyway?

▲ ...hit/thrash something - but not animals, your children, or your partner (unless they're padded up or a professional fighter) - get angry (but again not for long, 'bout 30 minutes should do it)

▲ ...run - anywhere

▲ ...turn the volume up, and dance. wildly. with abandon...

▲ ...write it down - begin/continue a journal of 'morning pages' and let your thoughts flow. even if you think you are just writing utter drivel or don't know what to write. commit to writing three pages of 'stream of concious' first thing each morning. and get it all down on paper.

▲ ...consult the Fae - now I don't mean to go all kooky on you here, but trust me *wink* this does help. And before you ask, I don't use them all the time (and I think that is why they are so helpful when I do) but when I am really, really stuck I pull out my oracle cards and do myself a consultation with the Fae. they put everything into perspective. they clarify those tumbling thoughts and remind me of things I have buried. they help me to see a way through my mental quagmire... Personally, if you are unsure of doing a consultation yourself, I would find another real, in-person someone to do one for you - not one of those online, automated ones - they're odd and taken with a good pinch of salt for their 'value'. on the other hand, don't be swayed by those who charge hideous figures for the privilage. go with your gut. Again, personally, I'm happy to accept the traditional 'cross my palm with silver; gentleman's agreement', type of exchange, but that's just me. anyways, we can talk of this again later if you wish, for now it's something to think on and try. for me it works. it may also for you.

...and a couple of things to not do:

▲ ...don't force things before they are ready, however much you want them to happen 'right now!' - remember this is all part of the cycle - don't allow the pressure of others to 'perform' push you onwards before you are truly ready. this is so easy to say, but so hard to remember when you are locked into that stuck state. I know!

▲ ...do not look through notes of ideas or try brainstorming - this will only fill your head with more clutter at this point and create further overwhelm - don't go there

In working through this stuckedness try some or even all of the above. Find you own ways too. For me definitely the physical things work best as you will have surmised from the above list. I think this is because of just how much our creativity comes from inside us. We get stuck there. In our own heads. Doing something physical reconnects us to terra firma, grounding us back into something good and real. Good luck and much love in getting through this. XO, Bex

04 July 2012

camera bags for town + country

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So I've only had my DSLR camera for a couple of weeks and already I am finding the need for a way to carry it safely and securely out of the house. I do have an old camera bag that currently stores my old SLR, but you know, it's *old* and clunky, screams 'camera bag' and does store that old SLR. So a new bag is in order, me thinks. And it is my birthday at the end of the month, so you never know...

Anyways, after much, much hunting and research the last couple of days I *think* I may have narrowed down my options (you know, baring financial restrictions and availability) to the above selections. I really only want to have just the one, do everything, go everywhere bag that will be not out of place in town or (more frequently) 'country' and that can couple as my purse also (gosh! I am demanding, aren't I?). My particular top favourites from the above are the Ketti and Matin bags, but I am still totally undecided, so the others remain in the running for now.

I haven't yet dismissed making my own bag, if I could find the right pattern that ticked all the boxes and that I could be sure I would feel confident in it's durability. But of course there's all the time and frustration involved in such a project, so I'm not sure about that. The option of converting an existing bag into a camera bag is also problematic as I don't feel I have a base bag ready to hand that would work. In either case my money and time may be better spent buying something already made. Or, you know, some nice kind person could gift me one. I'm not fussy ;)

03 July 2012

late june garden flora

late june garden floralate june garden floralate june garden floralate june garden floralate june garden flora
With all the rain we have had this past month the garden's gone bonkers and has become quite the overflowing botanical jungle. The flowers have been loving it though and everything is so lush and colourful. I love it when everything just bursts into wild abandon, both cultivated and not. My favourites are the peonies, which I prefer far better to roses, and the wild flower and grass mix of poppies, cornflowers and daisy. The insects and little birds just love it so too and everything is very 'busy'. I guess it never stops for them.

Of course it's raining again today...
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