27 February 2012

change is the only constant

obsolete objects
{ Museum of Obsolete Objects, by Jung von Matt // discovered via The Dew Drop Inn }

"...While our daily lives become more and more digital, some things just vanish. They simply became obsolete..."

And so it it seems to be also with Google Friend Connect. As you have probably already heard on the ether, as of March 1st, Google Friend Connect will no longer be available to non-Blogger blogs. Authors of affected sites are being encouraged to create Google+ pages with a Google+ badge on their blogs in order to retain and keep in touch with their community of followers. You can read the full article on the Official Google Blog here.

Reading about, I am not alone in feeling that it won't be long before this tool is no longer available on Blogger blogs either and that this is only the first phase of it's entire 'retirement'. After all, it makes no sense to have it available to some and not to all. So what to do?

Well personally while I *love!* the idea of having everything in the same pot, I cannot ignore that readers subscribe through a variety of means depending on their personal preferences. And while GFC seemed like a great idea (that 'one-pot-for-all' one) in the beginning, the ties between blogging and social media have grown ever richer as time has gone on and we are far more sophisticated and savvy users.

A while ago now I replaced the default GFC follow widget with my own button having got fed up with it being so tempromental, and with it the visual hang-ups of worrying about 'the numbers'. Which was all fine and dandy. With the impending phasing out of Google Friend Connect altogether, I feel it is therefore time to remove it (and so I have done). In it's place there are now options for you to subscribe via email or reader, whichever is your preference. You can also 'follow' me on Bloglovin (whose clean, fresh interface I totally love), or simply add me manually to your Google Reader.

I will continue to investigate options and am open to any bright ideas or recommendations you may have, so please do share them below as I want to make this nice and easy for everyone. Thank you.

20 February 2012

smash* my junk drawer book

smash book

Do you Smash*? So I *think* I heard about these originally on Teesha Moore’s blog, but over the months and weeks these have filtered several times into my world from the ether. At the time, and for a long time, I kind of dismissed them as being just another pre-packaged, slightly gimmicky, blank journal. After all, weren’t they just a dressed up version of the old style scrapbook-diary that gave a home to all those bits and pieces of flotsam that make us smile, but don’t know what else to do with?

However... even I, she who loves to do-it-myself and probably would do another time, couldn’t get this concept out of my head and just had to see ‘what was so special’ about them in person. This of course is fatal: for some people it’s shoes or handbags, for me it’s stationery; and in particular, fresh, new notebooks... *cough* So I got me one with the plan to use it as that catch-all for my paper flotsam dotted about and see how I got on with the idea...

smash booksmash book

...some of my favourite blank pages. The quote says, "for Beauty to grow we must nourish it with Inspiration". I like that. If anyone can enlighten me as to the artist whose doodles feature in the red Smash* book, I'd love to know...

Well one could say that I have been having a ‘smashing’ time with my doodle-style book and have already used up the little glue stick that comes with the combo pen, and it’s not even full!

smash booksmash book

...some cards and cute packaging from handmade sellers and recent happy mail. I LOVE that pretty Fiona Hewitt card, and the stickers remind me of playing Happy Families as a kid *grin*...

smash book

...and a couple more pages. This is getting fat really quickly and I love the multi-layered look of all the pages together...

I have to admit, I really like my Smash* book for the purpose I bought it for. While I could spend my time arty-fying a blank book, or even binding my own from scratch, sometimes you just want to get stuck into the guts of a thing and this (or something like it) is just the book for that. It's a really nice size, the pages are surprisingly sturdy (more like card than paper) and with fun doodles and prompts scattered throughout, they are ready to go. While I did also treat myself to one of the cute little bookmarks to go with, I chose to save my pennies, resist the other pretty things I could have got to go with and the too matchy-matchy look. Know what I mean?

smash book
"Do you Smash*?"
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xo, B

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14 February 2012

synchronous words

carla sonheim spoonflower
{ abstract flowers, by Carla Sonheim }

*sigh* There must be something in the air, as winter starts to lose it's grip and the first stirrings of spring make themselves known, for there has been a flourish of good thoughts shared on the ether recently that have resonated particularly deeply with me. Therefore in keeping with the spirit of this day, I wanted to share some of these favourite blog posts with you today...

...Jessica's reminder that there are always possibilities available to me, even when it feels like there aren't...

...something I recognise myself for doing in moments of creative shift, Diane pondered the significance of withdrawal into silence and whether this reaction is some quiet wisdom-gathering meditation within or some other thing...

...one of the many Artist Way essays that in the reading were a knowing rather than a belief to me, is the truth that what we really want to do is what we are really meant to do and that we must follow that...

...an idea I have come across for not the first time, Jena and Jen posed the idea of writing a letter of encouragement to ourselves for those times when we need a loving reminder of our gifts...

...originally published last summer but thanks to the marvels of Twitter (and for the life of me now, I can't track how), I discovered this archive of sage advice from Emmy Blue in overcoming our secret doubts after spending time online...

...Kari Chapin shared the intricate paper-cut cover art for her new book due out this July. I loved The Handmade Marketplace, so will be stalking the bookstores for this next instalment into indie business know-how...

...a truly uncanny day of synchronicity with both Alisa and Jill sharing tutorials on making and tying your own Regency-style turban. I have wanted to know how for the longest time ever...

What links and posts have captured your heart this week?
...I'd love to hear what has moved your soul. Feel free to share in the comments below...

Much love to you friend, this Valentine's day! xoxo, B ©
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