spirit in motion

March 24, 2012

{ excerpt from the Scheherazade Pas de Deux by Alonzo King Lines Ballet }

A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to join my mom and dad and go to a performance of Scheherazade by the Alonzo King Lines Ballet. I was especially keen to go see this performance as it was very much a contemporary interpretation of the ancient narrative with streamlined costumes, minimal yet effective set design and a powerful music score.

It has been far too long since I saw such things, let alone danced anywhere near like this myself, and watching the exquisitely fluid and expressive movements of the dancers I could feel my heart fill with the familiar but strangely disconnected longing that my spirit recalls in moving this way myself. Disconnected because it was not me, but another doing the dancing. I was the onlooker and this felt awkward somehow. As I sat there watching, it made me wonder if this feeling was experienced by any that witness others manifesting a familiar artform. Do painters feel this when watching another paint? Or actors when viewing another play a familiar part?

In an interview with Le Monde prior to it's world premier Alonzo King said, "...the dancer must... have a great understanding of the nature of things, and be able to become them... The dancer lives in the realm of thought ideas before they become spoken words... In dancing there is also meaning over and above what would be thought of as 'just dancing'." From personal experience as one who feels this flow of connection when dancing myself, I agree: dancing is very much the expression of feeling that words have yet to. I also sense this is the same for painters and other wordless arts. At least in the moment of manifesting that art. It is a tapping into spirit. And in witnessing others be there in the moment I guess that was what my soul was longing...

Have you ever felt this way when witnessing others make art in your own creative field?
Does it inspire you to return to that artform again?
What have you done to resolve this desire?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.
xo, Bex

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