23 October 2011

gathering a project tray

Sparked by the find of some gorgeous crushed velvet a couple of weeks back, the inspiration wheels are rolling and I pull supplies from around my studio, gathering a 'project tray' to inspire further ideas...

...a pretty feather butterfly... crushed velvet... mixed silks... cotton print... jersey knit... threads... sequins... vintage and handmade buttons... ribbons... pearl leaf pins...

...lemon... chartreuse... yellow-green... lavendar... lilac... spring green... blue-green... golden yellow...

20 October 2011

simple pleasures

bean spillbean spillbean spillbean spill
Sometimes it takes a simple act to awaken our senses to the simple pleasures all around us; such as opening a fresh bag of darkly roasted coffee beans. Each one a velvety jewel of dark seduction...

Happy Thursday! xo

16 October 2011

inspiration sunday // creative affirmations

These past few weeks I have been taking steps to make new headway and progress in my journey. I have started working with a small group, or 'creative cluster', to participate in The Artist's Way workshop by Julia Cameron...

Part of this process is to incorporate affirmations that will facilitate a new, stronger sense of self. I have never been very good with the concept of 'affirmations', but these quotations I found spoke to me; recalling passages from the text read so far and understandings gained in the process.

The whole workshop is very personal, requiring much introspection. As a part of my processing this experience, I have decided to share a few thoughts every little while on what I have experienced, here, in this space. As a key part of my current 'evolvement', I feel it only in keeping with the concept of this blog: to record, and thusly share, all parts of my creative journey.

{affirmation, by Sema via Saving for Someday}

If you are unfamiliar with Julia Cameron's book and workshop, The Artist's Way, I encourage you to check it out through your local library system. For an introduction, you can visit her new website which includes a free 'round table' artist's forum and information on the key tools used during the course. If you have participated in her workshop already, I would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

Have you, or do you use, affirmations?
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