30 July 2011

following the path + inspiring my muse

After several months of living with a sense of having lost my way a little creatively, my muse is once again waking up and getting her jig on! With it a flow of inspiration and a sense of the pieces falling into place, I feel my dreams being replenished and a desire to get creating once more.

I thought it would be useful to illustrate my recent train of thought with several pieces of that path and share just how one idea can lead to another and another...

{ bright painting by Teesha Moore }

{ doodles by Carla Sonheim }

{ whimsical folk art by The Peppermint Forest }

{ adorable linen art dolls by Lindsay Brackeen }

{ Lauren Child's fun paper-cut 3D illustrations for "The Princess and the Pea": photo via Make it Perfect

{ hauntingly beautiful paper clay art dolls by Black-Eyed Suzie }

And so I find my muse has led me from paintings to illustrations, to paper cuts and sculptures, and now presently to art dolls...

** What's been inspiring your muse lately? Does she speak loud and clear and strong, or so softly that it feels like drawing blood from a stone? **

21 July 2011

icad // week three

Had some fun with these latest index cards *grin* I especially like the mini details of the brick wall (16th) and the fantasy street map (20th) which I created using tiny strips of masking tape to mask off the 'streets' before adding colour...

Other than this Index Card Project I am taking my summer very easy for the most part. This past week though I have been busy working on something fun to end the month with *wink*

After being very, very laidback (to the point of near unconsciousness, maybe?), now I am a sudden whirl of creative busy to the extent that it's all keeping me up at night! This is a good thing, trust me, and I am enjoying the buzz of it all (I really missed this). It is something I have not done before so needless to say it is all rather exciting watching the various pieces come together. Anyhoot, all will be revealed properly in my next post so I'll leave it right here, before I go and give too much away...

'Til Sunday,
xo, Beka

18 July 2011

lost property

miniature ghost town
This is one of my favourite places to visit. Ever since we moved here and discovered this miniature wild west ghost town in the heart of BC's Wild Animal Park, I have been in love with the magic it evokes. Most visitors walk pass it without recognition. Occasionally children run through it on the way to other 'more interesting' attractions. For myself and the punks, we feel like we could stay and play for hours. For this alone the park is worth the entrance fee...

miniature ghost townminiature ghost town
There are saloons and dance halls, Chinese laundries, hardware and general stores, banks, apothecaries, school houses and homes, a church, sherrif's office, jail and a even a gallows, included among the many assorted buildings and establishments. One can imagine the pixies playing here at night, re-enacting shootouts and runaway stagecoach dramas (forgive my imagination!)...

Each time we have come I chastise myself for not bringing one (or more) of my dollies - they would love it here, being more or less the exact right size. This time though I remembered, and Alice came with me. Like us, she loved exploring all the old deserted streets, stairs and empty halls...

miniature ghost town
And then, delight of delights, we found this amazing treasure...

miniature ghost town
A new addition to the town, this sadly neglected dollshouse-cum-store was nestled among the regular buildings. And it was love at first sight for the both of us! Perfectly sized for Alice, I was astonished to find that it was complete with furnishings for the front-room store... Cash register, counter, chair, telephone, barrel of apples, stove, basin, rug, canisters, oil lamps, tools, basket and miniature dollshouse among the clutter... Amazing!

miniature ghost townminiature ghost town
I tried to enquire on leaving more about this little lost treasure, as my mind's cogs started whirling on all that I could see it become should I have the opportunity to reclaim it, but alas, was not able... *sigh* But oh! What fun *grin!*

Have you made any exciting discoveries this weekend? I'd love to share in your glee! Do tell...

15 July 2011

icad // week two

Wow! Is it Friday already? Here are my cards for the week. Things didn't start off so well (see card for the 10th!!) until I had a sudden burst of inspiration... I'd like to expand on some of these ideas further into something bigger somehow... We'll see...

Are you participating in the Index Card a Day project? Are you using Daisy Yellow's prompts or your own? Feel free to leave a link to your cards in the comments below - I'd love to see how you're interpreting these...

Have a grand weekend! Hopefully if the weather's nice we'll be taking the punks either to the beach or zoo. It's been switching between hot and steamy to some real thumpers of a thunderstorm, so we'll have to wait and see...

09 July 2011

index card a day // begins

ICAD // 1st-8th July
Thought I'd share my index cards so far before I have too many...

ICAD // 1st-8th July
...Some are 'better' than others, including the total surprise of the 'self-portrait' using my right-hand! I think it really helped using my weaker hand for some of these, as I had no delusions that these would be 'perfect': in fact I rather like their imperfectness, *grin*

Have a grand weekend! xo
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