24 June 2011

being the artist anonymous

henry thoreau quote
{via The Guerilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith}

Have you ever experimented with secretly giving away art, aka 'guerilla/found art'? I have been fascinated with the concept for ages, but recently I have been feeling the bug of making it realised. (And yes, this is where my cloning machine would come in handy!) I think there is something deliciously crafty about anonymously placing art in the everyday environment for others to find and enjoy. It always brightens my day to find art in unexpected places, all the more than those that are predictable...

yarn bombing pavement
{from Juliana Santacruz Herrera's 'projet nid de poule'}

{pole poster 'guerilla' art by Carla Sonheim}

found art
{'Moonbucks', via Rosa Murillo's Found Art Tuesday project}

According to Fred Free, guerilla art is, "Rebellious: Guerrilla art can be as rebellious as the simple act of putting your art in a space without asking permission. Collaborative: Guerrilla art can be made and re-made by one or many artists. Transformative: Guerrilla art can create a surprise for those who come upon it. Ego less: Guerrilla art is about caring less that you're not getting paid—making art for art’s sake. Free for all."

For a starting point on where the beginner could begin their foray into guerilla art, I liked Jenn Mason's quick lowdown in which she shares the following video of her 'in the act'...

For additional resources, the other links I have shared here are great places to start. Here's to enjoying a little bit of rebellious freedom! Happy weekend folks! xo, Beka

15 June 2011

feeling a little artistically challenged?

I sure am! This past little while as I look towards the school summer break and think about what plans we shall make, I am feeling the need to 'take' myself on a little 'stay-cation' art retreat. I feel the need to engross myself in a daily ritual of actual art-making spurred on by the encouragement and challenge of others, stepping outside my comfort zone and stretch my artistic abilities. I feel most certainly that this summer is for play before the knuckle-down of autumn returns...

For a long while I have heard of various artistic challenges whispered on the ether that is the web'net. I've been tucking them away (for a rainy day) in a folder of bookmarks so as to find them again when I need. It is a little overwhelming when you look at all the options...

Firstly, there are the short-term, but intensive, 30-Day Challenges...

...via Run with Scissors

...via 30 Days of Doodles
30 days of art journalling
...via Traci Bunkers and Bianca

And then there are the Every Day Challenges that challenge you over a longer period. Some are daily, while others are weekly...

...via In the Sun

...via Balzer Designs

...via Traci Bautista

And, of course this list doesn't even cover the artsy e-course options out there... Are you doing any of these challenges? If not (like me), what would you choose to create your ideal stay-cation art retreat?

{Also, I'd just like to add a quick 'hello' to those visiting for the first time via LA's blog and her 5th Anniversay of Freckled Nest. Welcome!}

09 June 2011

upcycled denim wrist cuff

upcycled denim wristcuff
Today I am off with my mom to her local art quilting group to attend a demo and presentation by a lady who makes art dolls to model her costume designs prior to going into production. As I am very interested in the whole art doll and costume-making thing, I am really excited about going and am thrilled I have been allowed to attend as a guest!

Before I fly out the door though I wanted to show you my latest creation (and what I am taking to 'show and tell' today): a hand-painted denim wrist cuff, made using torn up old jeans and fabric remnants given to me by a couple of local friends.

upcycled denim wristcuff
As my first version of this sort of thing it has a few design niggles to work out: though I measured and remeasured my wrist many times before reducing it to 'size' it is a little too tight for my liking; the elastic closure is a little on the thin side for my liking and I'd like to try out a zigzag stitch along the seams (though this will require my using my mom's machine), rather than the 'straight' running stitches I made using my own machine. I do like the rough, torn and frayed edges, and would like to make them a little more so next time around, maybe with a little more 'weathering'... what do you think?

I kind of threw a bit of everything I know at this cuff, so in addition to using reclaimed denim and cotton fabrics and my new found love of messy painting, I cut up some of my handmade felt to make the little leaves and used various beads and buttons from my stash (including a locally made, artisan pottery button) to add some sparkle. Lastly, the scrap of cotton lace helped to balance the piece visually without getting too busy. I wanted to create a cuff that could be worn everyday combining the various skills I have gathered under my belt, and at the same time create something that was not too plain. A little piece of fabric art.

I also think (with a few more modifications) that these would look great as a choker - sorry, no photos of me posing for that one just yet *grin!*

06 June 2011

true blue monday


I am currently working on a new project in my basement studio. It is going very slowly as I work through a few design 'issues'. In working through these I pulled together some elements that I thought I could either incorporate into the project itself or that would further visually inspire me...


...handmade and vintage buttons, mini kokeshi doll, semi-precious stones, handmade paper scraps, vintage fabric, vintage glass jar, assorted ribbons, old jewellery, a handmade crown and tubes of paint.
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