16 May 2011

monday's are zesty

inspiration tray(Can you spot the frog and donkey?)

I LOVE lime! It's so bright and fun that it always makes me smile and sweeps all grey clouds away. I was having trouble with my latest painting and so went scouting for some inspiration by going back to basics and picking one colour for a change of pace. Perusing Pinterest (my new favourite photo inspiration source) I was drawn to finding limey things and from there things kind of snowballed...

Following an idea I picked up from Traci Bautista, who does similar when starting a new project, I spent just 15 minutes pulling a variety of lime-coloured items from around my workroom space...

- scrap fabric and paper
- pens and pencils
- buttons and beads
- bottles, tubes and swatches of paint
- sequins and embroidery floss

Seeing all this limey goodness got those creative juices flowing again and I was soon off once more playing with paint...

Many artists have similar processes before beginning a new work, and certainly I used to like creating a project box for my dolls' clothes in which I would keep everything I would need for the project until it was complete. Have you ever done this? What ways do you like to pool inspiration and materials for creative projects?

For more of my picks of zesty limey goodness, feel free to check out my Pinterest Colour Board and this fun Etsy Treasury of handmade things...

Have a zesty Monday, folks *grin!* Anyone for margaritas?

07 May 2011

from my workroom // another painting in progress


Been working on a new painting this past week. The background is almost done I think. Maybe one or two more layers and then it shall be ready for the final element. The theme is dark forests and fairy tales...


Hopefully I'll get to finish this over the weekend. What projects are you working on this weekend? If they are creative ones, do you have any stumbling blocks to overcome?

01 May 2011

may day pixie homes

handmade pixie houses

It is said that on the eve of May and earliest hours before light, one might be lucky enough to see the fae-folk.

I am certainly open to the idea having had a few unexplainable encounters that my perfectly rational mind could not otherwise explain. (And no I was not under the influence of drink, drugs, or other people! *grin*) Once was an image caught on camera, the other times have been on my occasional solitary expeditions out into the countryside after dusk... At home, MrB and I have always joked that it must be the pixies riding and teasing our cat that make him have sudden mad moments of running wildly through the house howling loudly *grin*

Whatever, I felt the need to create a little pixie village for our amusement this May Day... Tell me, do you believe in faeries?
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