22 April 2011

tree of life

tree of life painting

Happy Earth Day!

I'm not sure whether I mentioned it, but during my 'time out' I've been taking one of Alisa Burke's e-courses. I am totally loving the whole messy painting experience (which has always been my natural style rather than anything more precise), and especially the splattering of paint *grin!* After a couple of false starts, where I really was making it up as I went along and had no real goal for what I was trying to achieve, I decided to have a go at creating something inspired by today's calendar date: Earth Day.

tree of life painting

I've always loved trees and living where we do now, surrounded by trees, is awesome! Pine and fir forest can sometimes get a little (dare I say it) 'oppressive', but mixed in with deciduous, most of which is quite ancient, evokes a deep-rooted connectedness to the earth. Very spiritual. Immensely inspirational...

Anyways, I had a blast mixing, splattering and dripping paint, creating my own stamps, mono-printing, drawing and journaling all over my paper (an old brown paper bag), and can't wait to do more of the same. I'm so into this! *grin!*

19 April 2011

extraordinary adventures

A huge fan of Luc Besson's movie 'The Fifth Element', I am excited to hear of his latest cinematic adventure finally being released to a wider audience this week, and possibly a chance to see it myself on the big screen.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec is based on the graphic novels and stories by Jacques Tardi, a historical high adventure featuring mad scientists, secret sects, Egyptian mummies brought back to life, and a host of other weird creatures including a pterodactyl! As you can imagine, quite fantastical and most definitely a romp of an adventure to be enjoyed. For myself I am keen to see more of the beautiful costumes which include quite an array of enormous and fabulous hats donned by the adventuress in question, the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and all round atmosphere of the thing.

I am also curious to see Catherine Hardwicke's version of 'Red Riding Hood', though probably not on the big screen. Again for the costumes and sets rather than the story (though that could be kind of fun). I've heard mixed reviews, and as I am not (sorry to those who are!) a huge fan of the Twilight series I think I can wait 'til it's on DVD to see...

As for the time being while I wait for these to become available to see, I can 'console' and engross myself with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Avatar and Sherlock Holmes which have all been recently added to our DVD collection and my 'visual research library' *grin* (When 'research' is as fun as this, I'm not sure I can write if off on my taxes, though *hehe!*)

What's your favourite movie for visual feasting? I'd love to hear your recommendations, fantasy, sci-fi or otherwise...

13 April 2011

seeking texture

Hello folks! Seems like I've been away from here for absolute eons! It feels very, very odd to be writing here again. I've been so quiet and not at all my usual chatty self!

So as to keep my hand in the flow of blogging, I thought I'd share some photos taken on the weekend. With a sense of adventure, I took a walk out my front door on a quest to find interesting textures that could maybe be incorporated into future projects some time. On my walk I found some wonderful, peely weathering, some cool rusty stuffs and some wonderfully spiky seedheads that wanted to come home with us...

I was also looking to see if I could find some really cool graffiti street art, but it seems I live in a very upstanding community, as the only graffiti was well-worn with time and age and very nearly invisible... *sigh*
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