diy wine glass charms

December 13, 2011

four handmade wine glass charms with text overlay

This 'charming' little idea (please excuse the terrible pun) that came to me one evening as I sat at a friend's kitchen table for our crafty ladies monthly gathering, not making holiday decorations.

I say 'not' because while the others did do so I tinkered with making an uber-simple necklace and the prototype of what became the following idea.

These wine glass charms are so incredibly quick and easy to put together with almost limitless variation, that it seems silly not to make them yourself with a few basic materials. They are also highly addictive and you are sure to end up with more than you need, making them perfect for a last minute stocking stuffer, cute hostess gift or indeed useful New Year's party accessory.

As you may have guessed, I am already thinking of all the people I could make these for!

craft making supplies + tools

You will need:

-0.6mm jewellery wire
-a small pair of needle-nose pliers
-angled wire cutters
-tweezers (optional)
-ruler (not shown)

For decoration you are only really limited by your imagination and supplies you have in your stash. Dolls' house miniatures, small holiday decorations, watch parts, nuts, bolts, washers and other small hardware, plastic toys and game parts, bottle caps, computer components, hand-cut felt shapes are all good.

As you want each charm to be unique in any one batch it doesn't matter if you have only one of a piece - this project is perfect for using up those odds and ends you can't bring yourself to otherwise throw out 'just in case'.

After looking at my collection, I decided to go with a simple selection of beads, unique charms and old jewellery.

demonstration of how to make charms steps one + two

To make your charms:

1 // Begin by cutting a 3.5 inch length of wire for each charm you are making. Then, working with the natural curve of the coiled wire, wrap the cut piece around the narrow neck of a bottle or similarly narrow tube to compress it into a nice uniform hoop.

2 // Using your needle-nose pliers, gently, and with tiny increments, curl back one end of your wire hoop to form a little loop. This will become one half of the interlocking closure that will hold your charm onto the wine glass.

demonstration of how to make charms steps three to five

3 // Narrow down your choice of adornment, beads and charms, playing with the arrangement and chosen order on your worktop.

4 // Use either pliers or tweezers to hold each bead as you feed them onto the wire hoop.

5 // When satisfied with your chosen sequence, curl back the other end of the wire hoop as before (2). Use the pliers to fine-tune the alignment of the two end loops so that they are angled ever so slightly in opposite directions. This will enable the closure to function much more easily as you want the loops to interlock like two crooked fingers.

Up close, the finished 'froggy' wine glass charm and some more I made for the rest of my 'fancy' wine glasses.

I hoped you enjoyed this easy diy and will have a go at making a few to adorn your wine glasses (and keep confusion at bay) this festive holiday season!

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  1. Awww, these are so cute! A great way to decorate the Christmas table but also everyone will have their own custom glass. Clever idea for any party! ;-)

    1. Thank you, Anzouya! I hope you made some too :)

  2. Thanks a lot. I used to make jewelry all the time when I was under 15. I have been wanting to get back into it. I'm working on a wine gift basket and I think this will work great.

    1. Thank you! I agree, they will be a great addition :)

  3. Love these! Can you suggest any good websites to find charms and beads inexpensively?

    1. Well my first suggestion would be to look on Etsy for both handmade and commercial selections. My favourite little bead shop back in England was Charisma Beads which I believe has an online webshop, but whether or not they are the most inexpensive, or ship internationally, I do not know - you would need to research that :) Happy hunting!