of winter flora + delicious beverages

November 19, 2011

winter garden florawinter garden florawinter garden florawinter garden florawinter garden flora
It's been a fun and busy week for me this week. In addition to replenishing my little boutique, I have been having fun updating my 'about' page and Flavors.me hub for the winter season. Feels good to cross things off my list!

For my artist date this week my goal was to treat myself to a homemade pumpkin spice latte, a la Starbucks. After much searching for 'the best' home version, I chose to follow The Kitchn's recipe with the minor adjustment of going half milk and half whipping cream (oh yes!). For complete indulgence (and trust me, not something I will do every time) I just had to top it off with squirty cream and a sprinkle of PSL spices. The result was really delicious! I think that unless I actually do a taste test, comparing like for like, I would say that this completely mirrors the 'real' thing *grin!* The other half of my 'date' was a spontaneous notion to wander the garden seeking texture and colour among the winter flora of my garden, listening to the quiet shush of the snow falling around me... It was so peaceful and I found many treasures that were right under my nose. I am glad I found them. Thank you, artist date. xo, B

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