repurposed lunch sack mini journal

August 23, 2011

paperbag scrapbookpaperbag scrapbook
With thoughts of going back to school stiring on the ether, and a long ago (but not forgotten) request for something handmade and crafty for the new school year still at the back of my mind, I came upon the idea of creating a little scrapbook for punkie L to record a few favourite memories from each month of his year as a first grader.

paperbag scrapbook
Not a penny was spent on this as it was made entirely from materials I already had on hand:

Using paper lunch sacks left over from a certain Peter Pan party held earlier this year to create the pages and pockets, I added tabs using circles cut from stashed scrapbook paper and text printed from my computer onto grid paper. Bound together with some matching yarn and an eco-felt spine, I doodled a simple dinosaur character onto a blank index card and added some handcut scallops to the cover.

Simple, cute, and effective.

paperbag scrapbook
I am really rather pleased with the outcome of this repurposed mini journal and think that it could also make a cute way to organise your expenses and receipts or any such information that calls for monthly dividers... Anyhoot, the main thing is that punkie L loves it and I have already been requested to make another for punkie M! ©

*** There's a whole heap of back-to-school crafting ideas on the ether. Are you making anything for yourself or punklings this season? ***

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