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August 26, 2011

index card a day

My last cards for Tammy's 'Index Card a Day' project. The month is not out but I am done for this time around. It has been an interesting experiment and I have started to feel a lot looser in my illustrative abilities (it's hard to shake off that architectural training even after all these years)... Many days I have struggled to know what to 'create' rather than how, but using a combination of Tammy's prompts, those from Carla Sonheim's book, 'Drawing Lab' and browsing the works of other artists I admire, I have found my own ideas start to surface along the way.

I still need to practice, though I know an everyday routine is not feasible with punklings presently under foot... Though now I feel I can do it, albeit fumbling at times *grin* I feel braver to continue. There is something so 'so what?' about these little office/library supplies that they really aren't very scary at all. This mentality, along with Alisa's multi-layered, paint over it if you don't like it attitude is what I need to move forward. I have been hung up for too long (thank you, inner perfectionist/architectural training!) on getting things just so, and now I am really itching to buy a really huge canvas and throw paint at it *grin!*

Bring on September! For I'm rightly ready for whatever's next!

*** So my friends, what are you looking forward to? ***

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