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July 18, 2011

miniature ghost town
This is one of my favourite places to visit. Ever since we moved here and discovered this miniature wild west ghost town in the heart of BC's Wild Animal Park, I have been in love with the magic it evokes. Most visitors walk pass it without recognition. Occasionally children run through it on the way to other 'more interesting' attractions. For myself and the punks, we feel like we could stay and play for hours. For this alone the park is worth the entrance fee...

miniature ghost townminiature ghost town
There are saloons and dance halls, Chinese laundries, hardware and general stores, banks, apothecaries, school houses and homes, a church, sherrif's office, jail and a even a gallows, included among the many assorted buildings and establishments. One can imagine the pixies playing here at night, re-enacting shootouts and runaway stagecoach dramas (forgive my imagination!)...

Each time we have come I chastise myself for not bringing one (or more) of my dollies - they would love it here, being more or less the exact right size. This time though I remembered, and Alice came with me. Like us, she loved exploring all the old deserted streets, stairs and empty halls...

miniature ghost town
And then, delight of delights, we found this amazing treasure...

miniature ghost town
A new addition to the town, this sadly neglected dollshouse-cum-store was nestled among the regular buildings. And it was love at first sight for the both of us! Perfectly sized for Alice, I was astonished to find that it was complete with furnishings for the front-room store... Cash register, counter, chair, telephone, barrel of apples, stove, basin, rug, canisters, oil lamps, tools, basket and miniature dollshouse among the clutter... Amazing!

miniature ghost townminiature ghost town
I tried to enquire on leaving more about this little lost treasure, as my mind's cogs started whirling on all that I could see it become should I have the opportunity to reclaim it, but alas, was not able... *sigh* But oh! What fun *grin!*

Have you made any exciting discoveries this weekend? I'd love to share in your glee! Do tell...

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