icad // week three

July 21, 2011

Had some fun with these latest index cards *grin* I especially like the mini details of the brick wall (16th) and the fantasy street map (20th) which I created using tiny strips of masking tape to mask off the 'streets' before adding colour...

Other than this Index Card Project I am taking my summer very easy for the most part. This past week though I have been busy working on something fun to end the month with *wink*

After being very, very laidback (to the point of near unconsciousness, maybe?), now I am a sudden whirl of creative busy to the extent that it's all keeping me up at night! This is a good thing, trust me, and I am enjoying the buzz of it all (I really missed this). It is something I have not done before so needless to say it is all rather exciting watching the various pieces come together. Anyhoot, all will be revealed properly in my next post so I'll leave it right here, before I go and give too much away...

'Til Sunday,
xo, Beka

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