following the path + inspiring my muse

July 30, 2011

After several months of living with a sense of having lost my way a little creatively, my muse is once again waking up and getting her jig on! With it a flow of inspiration and a sense of the pieces falling into place, I feel my dreams being replenished and a desire to get creating once more.

I thought it would be useful to illustrate my recent train of thought with several pieces of that path and share just how one idea can lead to another and another...

{ bright painting by Teesha Moore }

{ doodles by Carla Sonheim }

{ whimsical folk art by The Peppermint Forest }

{ adorable linen art dolls by Lindsay Brackeen }

{ Lauren Child's fun paper-cut 3D illustrations for "The Princess and the Pea": photo via Make it Perfect

{ hauntingly beautiful paper clay art dolls by Black-Eyed Suzie }

And so I find my muse has led me from paintings to illustrations, to paper cuts and sculptures, and now presently to art dolls...

** What's been inspiring your muse lately? Does she speak loud and clear and strong, or so softly that it feels like drawing blood from a stone? **

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