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June 24, 2011

henry thoreau quote
{via The Guerilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith}

Have you ever experimented with secretly giving away art, aka 'guerilla/found art'? I have been fascinated with the concept for ages, but recently I have been feeling the bug of making it realised. (And yes, this is where my cloning machine would come in handy!) I think there is something deliciously crafty about anonymously placing art in the everyday environment for others to find and enjoy. It always brightens my day to find art in unexpected places, all the more than those that are predictable...

yarn bombing pavement
{from Juliana Santacruz Herrera's 'projet nid de poule'}

{pole poster 'guerilla' art by Carla Sonheim}

found art
{'Moonbucks', via Rosa Murillo's Found Art Tuesday project}

According to Fred Free, guerilla art is, "Rebellious: Guerrilla art can be as rebellious as the simple act of putting your art in a space without asking permission. Collaborative: Guerrilla art can be made and re-made by one or many artists. Transformative: Guerrilla art can create a surprise for those who come upon it. Ego less: Guerrilla art is about caring less that you're not getting paid—making art for art’s sake. Free for all."

For a starting point on where the beginner could begin their foray into guerilla art, I liked Jenn Mason's quick lowdown in which she shares the following video of her 'in the act'...

For additional resources, the other links I have shared here are great places to start. Here's to enjoying a little bit of rebellious freedom! Happy weekend folks! xo, Beka

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