may day pixie homes

May 01, 2011

handmade pixie houses

It is said that on the eve of May and earliest hours before light, one might be lucky enough to see the fae-folk.

I am certainly open to the idea having had a few unexplainable encounters that my perfectly rational mind could not otherwise explain. (And no I was not under the influence of drink, drugs, or other people! *grin*) Once was an image caught on camera, the other times have been on my occasional solitary expeditions out into the countryside after dusk... At home, MrB and I have always joked that it must be the pixies riding and teasing our cat that make him have sudden mad moments of running wildly through the house howling loudly *grin*

handmade pixie houses

Whatever, I felt the need to create a little pixie village for our amusement this May Day... Tell me, do you believe in faeries?

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