big apple adventure

March 22, 2011

travelling blythe
By the time you read this my outfit for one of this year's Travelling Blythes will be on it's way to the host of the special girl for whom this fun set is destined. Just which one of the three special girls you'll have to watch the 'It's a Small World' Flickr group to find out *grin*

Inspired by the highly appropriate word 'apple' on the suggestion of the host and in-keeping with this particular step of her journey, the outfit consists of 3/4-length sleeve jersey tee, matching long over-knee socks, a denim pinafore with tiny 4mm buttons, felt pockets and hand-embroidered 'leaves'. A cute felt apple slice (complete with 'seeds') and machine-stitched leaves headband complete this fun daytime outfit. Perfect for exploring the sights and sounds along her epic journey...

travelling blythe
I am really pleased with the final results, not so dissimilar to my original sketches. In fact, so much so that I am quite sorry to see it go and am tempted to do something similar again. But we shall see. I have a line of projects already vying for attention, not least of all those little Japan-support bears (news of which I should have for you next time)...

What projects are you currently working on? Feel free to share...

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