13 February 2011

blog love e-course with red velvet

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Way back in November, Elsie Flanningan of A Beautiful Mess and Red Velvet Art fame introduced the latest of her online e-courses, Blog Love. At the time I was going through a rough patch juggling ideas of what I wanted for my own blog and shop alongside my role as mom and homemaker, all amidst the impending holiday hoopla and general, all-round craziness. Having followed Elsie since our introduction earlier in the spring during the Indie Biz e-course, I was naturally curious to learn her secrets to blogging success with the hope of instilling some of that magic into my own evolving blog. So after my holiday guests had left and school had started back, I made sure I signed up so as to begin!

Unlike the Indie Biz workshop, Blog Love is instantly (within 48hrs of payment) accessible with all sessions presented at once via a private blogsite. Available for at least 2 years, topics can be worked on at your own pace or, like I did, printed off to be read anytime in the future. The private blogsite is beautifully presented in Elsie's unique style, with a wealth of photographic examples to endorse her points. One can forgive the odd typo as it is clear her heart and soul has been poured into this e-course, when it shines with her endearing personality and obvious enthusiasm for her subject. With 12 topic sessions plus a few extra bonuses that include her personal blog journey and thoughts on ethical behaviour, there is much to absorb and think over and I filled several pages of my daybook with notes and ideas generated by Elsie's candid knowledge.

blog love e-course
I'll admit that whilst much of what Elsie had to say can be found elsewhere, it was her own personal, handmade-indie-craft twist on the subject that makes paying the $32.00 for this information so worth while. Plus as one of the RVA girls, Elsie has a special way of making learning so enjoyable!

Though it caters to new bloggers in particular, Blog Love goes far beyond the 'getting started' stage. It was both a great refresher as to why I'm blogging in the first place, with ideas on how to elevate it from being a purely fun side project to something more meaningful. In particular it got me seriously thinking about what I want my blog to be in the great scheme of things - something that had begun whilst absorbed in the Indie Biz class with my shop.

It is fair to say that this is not the only blogging course out there in the market that caters to creative folks, but if you are interested in doing something relatively low-key to enhance your blog journey, then I would highly recommend Elsie's Blog Love.

It is great value for money + a fun learning experience.

With the advice gathered from Blog Love, I have gained a new enthusiasm and perspective for my little blog and am working on ways to implement those ideas one post at a time. Great stuff!

If you are interested in purchasing Elsie's Blog Love e-course, visit Red Velvet's brand new website for full details. A subsequent Q&A about Blog Love was posted on Elsie's blog for curious minds...

Edit: Don't just take my word for it *grin!* You can now read a number of other reviews on Blog Love here.


  1. your post just cost me money lol

  2. *he he* I hope that was a good thing :)

  3. I've also took it and I think it was amazing (as everything that Elsie does!). It got me into A LOT of thinking and I'm already preparing some changes for my blog. She has a great way to send the message through! So worth the money!

  4. Absolutely! Like the *Indie Biz* course, it's something you can keep going back to every now and again to replenish your inspiration and clarify your direction. Glad you agree :)

  5. Inspiration is everywhere... and this course seems really awesome. I am in need of an overhaul too: shop AND blog. Who said blogging was easy? Well, the blogging part can be... but to build a solid base of readers and keeping them interested is a whole different thing. Enjoy the sun we've been getting!

  6. I think blogging is 'easy' so long as you enjoy it and it is not a chore. Something that has helped me with this is taking some time each week/month to look ahead and pre-plan a few topics. I am also working in advance and scheduling my posts - this has proven to be really effective (for my sanity both!)

    Building a solid blog takes time - literally one post at a time - and cannot be rushed or done overnight. But this is a good thing as it becomes something more organic and 'alive' in the process. Something that *can* be connected to.

    As for the sunshine - I will have to capture some of these, early morning, beautiful moments on camera to share ;)

  7. Thank you for this review!! I really want to sign up to this e-course. It sounds so awesome!

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