09 November 2010

a small commission

felt plush bears

A little while ago now I was asked if I could create four of my little plush bears as Christmas gifts for MrB's manager. And of course I said, yes! Two bears were for girls and two for boys, one of which (for her son) was to be done in his hockey team's colours and should carry a miniature ice hockey stick. This last bit initially posed a bit of a problem as to how best to achieve this, but I think what I came up with is quite successful - it even enables him to stand up!

felt plush bears

Which leads me nicely to say that if you would like your own little friend for you or your big-eyed gal, I am accepting, for a limited time only for now, the option of creating some plush bear commissions via my shop. Just drop me a note with your wishes and favourite colours and we can take it from there. xo, Beka

03 November 2010

the search for wondla

So a couple of weeks ago I (finally) finished the last Harry Potter book.

I don't know, but I was a little disappointed somehow. I guess after all the books and movies and hype I was somehow expecting the last book to be, well 'more'. Something deeper. I don't know. Maybe it's because I am not (after all) quite the target age they are aimed at and maybe the conclusion was just right for that. But personally, for all the twists and turns and crumbs that linked the tale together from the very first page of the very first book in the series, I was still left with questions unanswered in their entirety. I'm not saying that I have fallen out of 'love' for Harry's tale, for sure it's still a great series and I will unquestioningly go and see the movies of the final book - they might even help to answer those questions - but with their ending I am not disappointed that they have done (unlike other books I have known and loved in my time), and I am ready for something new. Which leads me to say that in reading the final chapter of Harry, my desire to read more again has indeed been rekindled. Which was kind of the whole point...

So now what? Well, I found this:

It is, for want of a better word, quite awesome! I am totally entranced by Tony DiTerlizzi's modern fairy tale of compassion and family, of danger and adventure, of a twelve-year-old girl, Eva Nine, and her search across an alien world for others like her. The book itself is illustrated throughout with Tony's own stunning two-colour images that make it a kind of hybrid graphic novel novel, with further interaction with Eva's world via the beautifully executed website by Creative Republic (whose own site is worthy of a look also for it's own depth of atmosphere).

Eva's world is so very well imagined one could almost be transported there if only you could find the right door to step through. It is this sense of almost-reality that I have always loved about young fiction (and for that matter any sci-fi/fantasy fiction). It calls to my heart's desire and fires my imagination like nothing else - a two-edged sword, but hey-ho!

So far I am only up to chapter four, but I am gripped already and look forward to making time at the end of each day to immerse myself in this other world. I just hope that my hunger to read Eva's tale is matched by the speed at which the subsequent books are released!

And if anyone can tell me who the music is by for the trailer - please do, as it is making the hairs on the back of my neck prickle with excitement!

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