handmade winter gift wrap

December 19, 2010

handmade gift wrap

First off I began by printing a scattered pattern of overlapping circles on plain brown parcel paper using red, white and silver liquid acrylic paints and some plastic bottle caps. This is great as I can print as I need without waste. Then inspired by Alisa's ideas, I sewed up some gift tags using layers of book pages from an old vintage tome I have, cutting to size using my pinking shears. Onto these tags I sewed hand cut holly leaves from some eco-felt using as near as I could achieve 'free-motion' stitching using my near-century old Singer.

handmade gift wrap

Thinking of Claire and Danielle, I also made some cute little pompoms using the yarn I had stashed for a project I never did (*cough*). This I was able to do in the evening's whilst watching tv with the folks. Lastly I tied some absolutely yummy mixed-texture off-white yarn around the parcels before adding the tags and pompoms with matching red yarn in a bow. Done!

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