a small commission

November 09, 2010

felt plush bears

A little while ago now I was asked if I could create four of my little plush bears as Christmas gifts for MrB's manager. And of course I said, yes! Two bears were for girls and two for boys, one of which (for her son) was to be done in his hockey team's colours and should carry a miniature ice hockey stick. This last bit initially posed a bit of a problem as to how best to achieve this, but I think what I came up with is quite successful - it even enables him to stand up!

felt plush bears

Which leads me nicely to say that if you would like your own little friend for you or your big-eyed gal, I am accepting, for a limited time only for now, the option of creating some plush bear commissions via my shop. Just drop me a note with your wishes and favourite colours and we can take it from there. xo, Beka

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