a motley crew

September 19, 2010

Happy Sunday! In honour of it being International Talk Like a Pirate Day here is my personal selection for a motley crew. Doll style.

First we have the captain...

...and ship's monkey ;)
felt monkey

...and then the crew...

And of course, they'd need a fine vessel in which to sail the seven seas...
elly mackay
Canadian artist and illustrator Elly MacKay makes these beautiful glowing images by painting on yupo paper and cutting it into layers that she sets up in a miniature theatre. Then, playing with the lighting and filters, creates just the right atmosphere before photographing the scenes. For more on her fascinating process, please visit her website.

I hope you enjoyed my pick of piratical art dolls and plush. (And what is it about pirates and their lack of eyes? *hehe*)

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